March 2016 – Membership News

New committee chairs for the Membership Committee

Deborah Rubin and Joyce Olshan are now co-chairing the membership committee, letting Linda Makler and Monroe Ginsburg get a well deserved rest. We thank them for their leadership and strong commitment for the past few years and hope to follow in their footsteps.

We look to the future with the intent to work towards providing services and activities to help maintain our present members’ involvements as well as strive to bring in new interested parties.

We see ourselves as an umbrella committee working with other programming bodies to help coordinate activities that will enhance all levels of connections at Kol Rinah. It is not our plan to necessarily do the programs but to provide input to make the programs as successful as possible with outreach to as many different ages and interests as possible. We are working to answer the question that Rabbi Arnow has charged us to ask – “why do we do what we do at Kol Rinah” as opposed to only “what do we do”.

Our presence will be felt at large and small programs – greeting people, offering help and information, building connections, providing hands on when needed. We will be there for Shabbatot and holiday celebrations. And behind the scenes, we will be bringing gifts to new members, keeping contact with them, and utilizing the Rudy Oppenheim, z’l, Ambassador program in a new, stream lined function.

Keep your eyes open for the Purim Bash after the Megillah reading on Wed. March 23. It’s a great time to kick your heels up and show everyone your party side! What better way to make new friends!

Our committee meets every month and we are always happy to have new faces at meetings to give ideas even if you don’t want to commit to joining. We will succeed best if we have a good cross section of the congregation. The Membership committee is for you – the members. Let us hear from you, too.

Here’s to a great start!

Debbie and Joyce