American Witnesses: Eyewitness Film Footage at Liberation

The Museum’s new American Witnesses exhibition presents selections from unofficial films taken by American soldiers who documented the effects of persecution and Nazi atrocities in liberated areas of Europe with their personal movie cameras. Lindsay will discuss how such amateur films complicate, contradict, and add nuance to the official film canon which has defined how the events of the Holocaust have been visualized in the postwar years.



Lindsay Zarwell has worked as a film archivist at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum since 2000. She conceived and regularly develops the archive’s public access database, acquires and catalogs original films, and manages several significant film preservation and digital projects. She has recently focused on interpreting and presenting amateur film collections as well as reconstructing and making accessible the Claude Lanzmann SHOAH outtakes.


Jed Silberg  National Philanthropy Officer 847.433.8099


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