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Families with children of all ages are welcome at Kol Rinah!  We offer learning programs for parents and families as well as parents nights out, social action opportunities, and Shabbat morning family programming.  We would love to welcome you to our growing community!  For information on upcoming family programming or to get added to our email list, please email Tammy at families@kolrinahstl.org.  For information about Kol Rinah Religious School, please email Rabbi Scott Shafrin at rabbishafrin@kolrinahstl.org.


Latest News & Events for Families at Kol Rinah


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I love summer. I love the heat, and I don’t even mind the humidity; I love the long days, the flexibility to get away for a bit, and not feeling as tied to a schedule. And this was a great summer for families at Kol Rinah, with three Shabbats in the Park on Friday nights, the historic groundbreaking at our new home (complete with hard hats, sand, and trucks), and a wonderful pool party hosted by Brett and Jada Fox (thank you!).

But what I long for about fall is the return to regular kids’ Shabbat programming at Kol Rinah, when families are back from vacation and ready to connect with new and old friends. Back-to-School Shabbat is this year’s “welcome back” to the new year for learners and teachers of all ages. Our calendar has Shabbat-morning opportunities for kids and families to learn and build community together. This year we add two new elements to our calendar: 1) Junior Torah Talk (which will take place on specific Shabbat mornings) and will be modeled after the “grown-up” version, but geared to elementary-school-aged kids, and 2) First Friday Nights for families, a special invitation to families to join Kabbalat Shabbat services, with a slightly shortened service, plus snacks before services and a few surprises to help kids feel connected.

I am so thrilled that new families have joined our shul community and others are seeking out the vibrant and fun community we are building. Please spread the word about our programs and mark your calendars for Tashlich (Sunday September 16), a family Sukkot celebration (Sunday September 23), and Simchat Torah dinner and dancing (Monday October 1). As always, be in touch at families@kolrinahstl.org with questions, ideas, or ways you would like to get involved. Wishing us all a sweet, happy, healthy new year, filled with learning, growth, and the sweetness of community.

Toby is excited to be working as our Young Families Program Coordinator and Youth Advisor at Kol Rinah!

Toby is originally from Northern Virginia and moved to St. Louis in 2013 to do Teach For America.
She immediately became involved in the young adult Jewish community and became a Next Dor fellow and then board member. The St. Louis Jewish community became a large reason for her desire to stay in St. Louis beyond her two year commitment for Teach For America.
She taught in a preschool special education inclusion classroom for three years and kindergarten classroom for two years
while getting her Masters in Elementary Education and Certification in Early Childhood Education at UMSL. Now she is taking some classes online for Speech Language Pathology while working part time at Kol Rinah. She is excited to get to know our community!

Building & Growing Together
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KR Families

Kol Rinah Young Families are looking forward to some warmer-weather events (and just some warmer weather!). Our annual Shavuot Picnic is Sunday May 20 at Mooney Park, and we are looking forward to the summer Erev Shabbat Picnics in the Park, a wonderful way for families to welcome Shabbat together.

We had a joyous time at our mock seder the Shabbat before Passover dancing, singing, eating, learning, and acting our way through the seder and Passover story! And we are busy putting together our calendar for the 2018-2019 school year with programs and activities for kids of all ages. Please be in touch with Tammy at families@kolrinahstl.org with any questions!

A note from Tammy Arnow

I am so excited to be filling the role of Family Programming Coordinator, on an interim volunteer basis. I am honored to continue to build on the tradition of strong family programming at Kol Rinah, and I am thrilled that a growing number of families are choosing Kol Rinah as their spiritual community. Currently, I am focusing on developing and coordinating social and educational events for parents and families. (And I am very excited that Rabbi Jessica Shafrin will be offering another series of spiritual parenting discussion groups starting January 13!) I continue to lead Tot Shabbat monthly, and you are always welcome to come join the fun! I have incredible partners in my work — Rabbi Arnow and Rabbi Shafrin, the ECC co-directors, and of course the parents themselves. I am developing a Leadership Team of parents who will help guide the direction and priorities of our programming. In addition, I hope to work with families and the broader Kol Rinah community to explore new avenues for social action engagement. Please be in touch with your thoughts and ideas — you can reach me at families@kolrinahstl.org.


Please join us in welcoming Tammy Arnow into her new role at Kol Rinah – Interim Family Programming Coordinator.  In this role, she will continue the wonderful programs for young families that we have offered in the past, including leading Tot Shabbat services, and will also work on developing new programming for young families. She also hopes to work with young families and the broader Kol Rinah community to explore new avenues for social action engagement. We are very fortunate that she has volunteered to take on this role until the position is filled on a permanent basis, in early to mid-2018.  She invites your thoughts and ideas!