Event Request Process

Guidelines for having any event at Kol Rinah

Up to 6 months in advance, follow the instructions on this Kol Rinah web page:


The process begins with the event planner reviewing Kol Rinah’s calendar to make sure there are no conflicts.

Next, the Event Request Form is submitted.

What will happen after the event planner submits the Event Request Form?

  • The following people will receive a copy of the Event Request Form.
    • President
    • Board Chair
    • Meir Zimand –    KR Operations and Facilities
    • David Weber –    KR Executive Director
    • Nancy Greene –  KR Office Staff
    • Gary Kodner –    Communications
  • President will discuss with the Rabbi and any other relevant person(s) to assure the event is compatible with KR’s mission, calendar, facilities, and staff.
    • Significant events, large events, and first time events will get extra attention during this vetting process.
    • Smaller events and events that happen yearly may be fast-tracked through the vetting process.
    • “First come, first served” will be the principle applied in case of a scheduling conflict except, for instance, due to ritual, religious school, and/or synagogue governance purposes.
    • Reoccurring events must submit a new form for each date. The minimum details needed on the Event Request Form are contact person, name of event, description, venue, time/date, attendance estimate. The absence of details may delay the vetting and publicity process.
    • Your date and event are not guarenteed until you receive approval.
  • KR staff will work with the contact person for the event to make any needed adjustments.
  • Meir will, by email, give the “green light” that the date and event is approved to the event contact person, and enter the event information on the KR calendar and website.
  • Meir will then notify the communications committee to create and begin publicity.