February 2015 – Message From The Membership Chair

I get a lot of good ideas around 4:00 AM! What can I say, I’m not a good sleeper – too much on my mind. Anyway, this morning I remembered that I had a BSKI legacy Mitzvah Day t-shirt from 2001. I found it and cut out the Kol Rinah logo and stapled it, yes, I said, stapled it, to the t-shirt. I also fashioned a headband that said, “Kol Rinah Mitzvah Day 2015” and stapled that to a hat. It was suggested that next year a t-shirt be designed for Kol Rinah Mitzvah Day, and sold as a fund-raiser! Thanks, Gary Kodner! (He remembered designing the one I was wearing.)

Anyway, the Membership Committee made a great showing at Mitzvah Day. Thank you so much to so many of you for your attendance and your participation in all the wonderful and worthwhile projects! Our table was set up near the Sara Myers Community Room where the Sesame Street movie was shown. Thanks go to Margaret Bergman, Phyllis Hyken, and Randi Mozenter for giving out the raffle tickets and placing the cans of food in the Food Pantry barrels. Thanks also to ECC for their generous donation of food items!

Jared Skoff, Paul Kodner, and David (our custodian) are now honorary members of our committee for figuring out how to show the Sesame Street movie with sound! Sam Shoyket is also an honorary member for assisting Margaret Bergman in categorizing our food donations within the humongous blue Jewish Food Pantry barrels!

Our committee secured free movie passes from Wehrenberg and St. Louis Cinema theatres for a raffle. Each can of food brought in earned one raffle ticket. The winning tickets were drawn later that morning by Mitch Shenker, our President, and the winners were announced by Randi Mozenter, VP. One winner was so excited that he taped his winning ticket to his arm! Way to go, Aiden Cook!

And a most special thank you to the Chairs of Mitzvah Day – Paula Hertel, Tasha Kaminsky, and Joyce Olshan. Marilyn Dien also deserves a very special accolade as she and her husband Saul, were the guiding lights of Mitzvah Day at the BSKI Legacy congregation and continued to inspire us at Kol Rinah. Each time I “peeked” in, I saw everyone – adults, children, families – all busy with special and meaningful projects. See you next year!


Linda Makler

Co-Chair Kol Rinah Membership