High Holidays Ritual & Prayer Sunday, Sept. 16 at 3 pm

at the home of Phil and Deborah Gould (call for directions)
RSVP to either Ralph, Richard or Phil: ralph.graff@health.slu.edu, richard@ims-stlouis.com or pgoul@seas.wustl.edu
For many of us, as we approach the High Holidays, Ritual and Prayer reach an apex
in our lives. From where did these rituals come? Why is it so important on the High Holidays? Should it be more important through the rest of the year?
We will be continuing our review of Sacred Fragments by Neil Gillman z”l,
addressing the book’s conclusion, Doing your own Theology.
Even if you have not read the book, give some thoughts to your feelings about prayers.
It is the High Holidays – after all – and what better time to ponder them!

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