Interfaith Households

Kol Rinah Welcomes Interfaith Households

Interfaith households are always welcome at Kol Rinah! We are proud that our congregation includes non-Jewish individuals who have chosen to share their lives and their spiritual journeys with Jewish partners. Our prayer services, our Early Childhood Center, our Religious School, and membership in our Sisterhood and Men’s Club are open to non-Jewish individuals and to interfaith households or families. Some of our most active congregants are Jews by choice, while others have not chosen to convert but still contribute to our community in important ways.

Our rabbi, Noah Arnow, spoke on the first day of Rosh Hashanah 5777 (2016) in which he emphasized that “we all know couples where one partner is Jewish. They are our children, our grandchildren, our siblings, our friends. And they
are us.”

Kol Rinah has an active Keruv program. “Keruv,” a Hebrew word meaning “to bring close” or “to draw near,” is an initiative sponsored by the Conservative Movement’s Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs that offers resources and programs for Conservative synagogues to welcome interfaith families and educate themselves about the roles non-Jews play in synagogue life. Our ongoing Keruv and Inclusion Committee is headed by Wendy Love Anderson, who is also our congregation’s official Keruv Consultant; she is happy to answer questions about interfaith outreach at Kol Rinah. In May 2017, Kol Rinah’s Ritual
Committee and Board of Directors endorsed a new comprehensive policy enumerating and expanding all the ways in which interfaith households are welcome to participate in Jewish ritual and life cycle events at our synagogue.




Our Early Childhood Center is open to children from
any religious background as long as they enjoy celebrating
Jewish holidays with us. Here are some ECC families
celebrating Shabbat in February 2017.