Thank you for the sponsorship of a Sisterhood Kiddush over the past two months:

To the Faye Keyser Seudah Fund for the two Kiddushes – on May 19th to bid goodbye to Sara Steiner, and on May 26th to say thank you to Gal Roberman, our Shinshinit for the past year.

To Nancy Goldstein for sponsoring the beautiful Kiddush in honor of her grandsons’, Nate and Jake, b’nai mitzvah on June 2, 2018. Mazal tov to the twins’ parents Will and Suzanne Goldstein, and to little sister Abbie, and their whole family.

Please continue to keep Ellen Harken busy sending tributes. Give her a call at 314.961.7232 or email her at eharken@Theharkens.com.

Torah Fund – We exceeded our Torah Fund goal of $2700, and thank everyone who donated. Our donations support the Jewish Theological Seminaries around the world.

Our Sisterhood Board has been meeting in the Art Studio at Crown Center since January; and any sisterhood member is welcome to attend any meeting. We especially invite any sisterhood member to attend the meeting in July when we will vote on the new slate of officers and board.

If you haven’t ordered honey yet, free shipping for Rosh Hashanah is available through July 11th.

As we reach the end of our fiscal year, our donations this year have been: to the ECC, we sponsored the ECC PJ Library Friday night dinner for Yom Ha’atzmaut; we provided the funds for laptops for the religious school’s new interactive technology program; we donated to the USY so that many more kids could attend leadership training and conventions; and to the synagogue general fund for partial purchase of a new folding machine, and several other unexpected expenses that were not covered in the budget.

I thank all the officers, board members and members-at-large who have enabled Sisterhood to carry on our work.

I hope you are having an interesting summer.