March 2015 – Message From The Membership Chair

Membership Committee Dedicates Rudy Oppenheim Ambassador Program

Many thanks to Micki Kingsley and the Kol Rinah Sisterhood for sharing Sisterhood Shabbat, January 17th, with the Kol Rinah Membership Committee. The morning provided a beautiful venue for dedicating and naming the Kol Rinah Ambassador Program in honor of Rudy Oppenheim of blessed memory.

The goal of the Ambassador program is to maintain and enhance connections with Kol Rinah and its members. The Ambassadors accomplish this goal by contacting households on a regular basis, and on special occasions i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, and other simchas, serving as cheerleaders and positive role models for Kol Rinah, acting as liaisons if congregants are in need of services from the Rabbi or the Chesed committee, and promoting attendance at worship services, special functions, programs, and events.

We were fortunate that Rudy’s wife, Frances, and their daughter, Judy Beizer, were able to participate in this special honor and tribute. Rudy truly exemplified the spirit of being an ambassador. He had an outgoing personality, loved meeting new people, was enthusiastic, and dedicated to the shul. He always had a smile on his face and his hand outstretched to shake yours and introduce himself. Mitch Shenker was a perfect spokesman for this occasion with his thoughtful and moving words and stories about Rudy that he shared with Frances, Judy, and the congregation. Another special thank you to Rabbi Arnow for sharing his thoughts on this meaningful day.