Kol Rinah Men’s Club

Kol Rinah Men’s Club is a service organization to the shul, the community, and the members of Men’s Club. Its objectives are to support the growth of the Conservative movement, grow individually, and partner with the youth as they grow.

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News & Latest Events

Kol Rinah Men’s Club presents Jewish foods from around the world.
Join us for a taste of
Jewish-Mexican Food & Culture
Sunday, May 19 6:30pm
Dinner cost: $22 per person
$18 for Men’s Club members and their families
RSVP by May 13, 2019.
KolRinahStL.org/mensclub • 314-727-1747

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KolRinahSTL.org • 829 N. Hanley Road • St. Louis, MO 63130 • 314.727.1747

Lag B’Omer Annual Bonfire
Wednesday, May 22
An inter generational Celebration!
Hot dogs, Music & Special Treats for all!
6:00 Dinner • 7:00 Bonfire on the parking lot
$5 per dinner includes: Hot Dog, Chips, Cookie, Drink • Vegetarian options.

More information: olshanr@gmail.com
RSVP to 314-727-1747
Sponsored by Kol Rinah Men’s Club

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KolRinahSTL.org • 829 N. Hanley Road • St. Louis, MO 63130 • 314.727.1747

Why Does Kol Rinah Need A Men’s Club?

Kol Rinah Men’s Club serves many important social, philanthropic, religious and community needs. We are here to meet that commitment by providing social opportunities to enable participation, promote our religious, cultural and engagement agendas for all segments of the Kol Rinah family. We often welcome guests who simply want to come to hang out without worry as a method of giving a taste to prospective members. If you have not yet joined, you can do so by sending an email to mensclub@kolrinahstl.org.

Why Join?

We are here to provide the men of Kol Rinah an organized volunteer group to meet our commitment to philanthropic, religious, social and community needs by providing fun and exciting social events to enable participation and promote our religious, cultural and engagement agendas. Your membership gives us the strength and manpower to fulfill this commitment. Without members like you, we are nothing.


We have year-round programming, with several recurring events. Our World-famous Steak and Scotch in the Sukkah has been an extremely popular and recurring event with about 75 attending annually. Some of our other events include Poker and Game Night, Sports Night, our distribution of Yom HaShoah Yellow Memorial Candles, Welcome Back to Religious School Pancake Breakfast, World Wide Wrap, Man and Youth of the Year awards, scholarships to help send Kol Rinah youth to Israel and other Jewish learning opportunities and much more. We should have something for you. If you have an interest not being met, let us know and we will see what we can do to incorporate your ideas or needs into our schedule of events.

Future planning may include a magic show, talent night, football/hockey nights, feeding-those-in-need community events, paintball, bowling night, poker tournaments, go kart racing, Cardinals games, Business Networking Night, A GUYS Night with the Rabbis, Young Men’s Shmooz, family events and music events.


The Kol Rinah Men’s Club has just purchased a Sukkah kit that will accommodate up to 125 for a sit-down dinner. We will have it in time for our first Sukkot at the Maryland Avenue Building.


Max Brown & Richard Gavatin


This winter has been the ninth wettest for St. Louis since records have been kept. My backyard has almost finally dried out. Just in time for the spring showers. But the day of the World Wide Wrap was dry (photos on pages 2-3). After learning about the background and reason for Tefillin and how to wrap it, the group enjoyed a nosh of bagels, cream cheese, Danish, coffee, milk and orange juice.


We send our best wishes and a hearty Mazel Tov to Bill Solomon, the Men’s Club’s 2019 Man of the year and to Yael Portman, the Men’s Club’s 2019 Youth of the Year. We are honored to have such accomplished members of Kol Rinah. They will be toasted and presented with their respective award on Sunday, March 31, at 1:30 p.m. during a luncheon at Congregation B’nai Amoona.


Men’s Club members Herb Goldman and Don Singer are working on producing a reunion of families formerly from the East Side (Illinois). The event is to include everyone in the Jewish community whose roots are in East St. Louis, Belleville, and other East Side communities. The event is planned for June. Stay tuned for more information.


March 31, 1:30pm — Man and Youth of the Year Luncheon

April 30 — Light your Yellow Yom HaShoah candle (candles to be distributed by Men’s Club)

May 3 — Shabbat in Mexico, Kabbalat Shabbat and Mazon HaOlam dinner

May 19 — Lag B’Omer

More information on each event as the date approaches.


Max & Richard

Members of Kol Rinah Men’s Club and
special guests, Meshorerim will lead a meaningful and spiritually enriching service.
A delicious Kiddush will follow the service.
If you would like to participate in the service
or help make this event more special,
please contact Max Brown. darthzaydah@gmail.com

KolRinahSTL.org • 829 N. Hanley Road • St. Louis, MO 63130 • 314.727.1747
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