Kol Rinah Men’s Club

Kol Rinah Men’s Club is a service organization to the shul, the community, and the members of Men’s Club. Its objectives are to support the growth of the Conservative movement, grow individually, and partner with the youth as they grow.

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News & Latest Events

An Invitation To Do Jewish

Men’s Club supports or sponsors more than 12 events each year. We always try to have a Jewish emphasis or twist for most of those events. Our goal is to do Jewish. Perhaps one of the most Jewish things one could do is to be a regular minyan attendee. So, consider the following.

In Numbers 14:27, the word edah (assembly or congregation) is applied to the assembly of 10 spies who returned a negative report on the land of Canaan. In Psalm 82, the same word, edah, is applied to the divine assembly: God stands in the divine edah (assembly); among the divine beings God pronounces judgment.

Therefore, the Rabbis extrapolated that a congregation or assembly is comprised of at least 10 Jews. And an assembly must be present when God is being sanctified. Examples of such sanctification are the recitation of Kaddish (including Mourner’s Kaddish), Kedushah and Barchu — none of which can be recited without a minyan — 10 adult Jews.

By the way, several of our weekday morning services at Kol Rinah, as well as some evening services are struggling to have a minyan, a divine assembly. Will you exercise your power of 10 and help make a divine edah, a divine assembly?

Weekday morning services begin at 7am, except for Sunday and holidays such as Thanksgiving, which begin at 8am. They meet in the chapel and are usually finished within one hour. Following the service, except Sunday mornings, breakfast is available in the Sara Myers Community Room.

Weekday evening services begin at 6pm, except for Saturday, which varies with the end of Shabbat. Evening services also meet in the chapel and usually last 45 minutes or less.

Use the Amherst entrance for minyanim.

It would be wonderful if you would pick one day a week — morning or evening — to become a regular member of a divine assembly — a minyan.

What’s Ahead 

Sunday, Nov. 5, 1pm – Dad and Me Bowling Party at Olivette Lanes

Sunday, Nov. 12, 6:30pm – Night at Casablanca

Sunday, Dec. 3, 9:30am – KRRS Build Your Own Hannukiah

Sunday, Dec. 10, 7pm – Guys Night Out – Poker, Dreidel & Games Night

Men’s Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer Yield To A Jam Packed Fall

First, the lazy, hazy days: Kol Rinah’s softball team had a hard-knock season. But, they didn’t let it get them down — they played with pride, vigor and great sportsmanship. If you get a chance, proudly thank our players for their outstanding effort.

At the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs international convention in Washington, D.C., your Kol Rinah Men’s Club received a Silver Torch Award and a Quality Club Award. The Torch Award is presented for outstanding programming — programming that is worthy of copying by other men’s clubs. They honored us because of our Mazon HaOlam program, i.e., Sushi and Sake Shabbat, a Taste of India and the upcoming Night in Casablanca.

Clubs that satisfy all six of the required elements, along with at least 10 of 20 optional elements (including at least one from each category) receive the Quality Club Award. Bob Olshan, Don Singer, Alan Schwartz and I attended the convention. We all gleaned great ideas for future programs at Kol Rinah, as well as ways to make current programs more exciting. We left no one behind at the airport and none of us attempted to scale the White House fence.

Gary Kodner’s book signing was a great success. More than 40 people enjoyed lunch and a fascinating slide presentation by Gary about the 135-year history of the St. Louis Cardinals uniforms, logos and club ownership.

What’s Ahead For The Jam Packed Fall?

  • Sunday, Sept. 10, 9am – KRRS pancake breakfast sponsored by Men’s Club
  • Sunday, Sept. 10, 12pm – Second Annual Kol Rinah Community Golf Outing
  • Sunday, Oct. 8, 6:30pm – Steak and Scotch in the Sukkah
  • Sunday, Oct.15, 7:30pm – Hearing Men’s Voices
  • Sunday, Nov. 5, 1pm – Dad and Me Bowling Party at Olivette Lanes
  • Sunday, Nov. 12, 7pm – Night in Casablanca


Did that trigger a tune in your head? And now you can’t get rid of it. The Jamies wrote and recorded that song in 1958 — 59 years ago. What’s that got to do with the Men’s Club? Like most Jewish Men’s Club members nationwide, we all remember 1958. We are looking to attract members who think 1958 was the dark ages.

So, Kol Rinah Men’s Club is planning two events for the summer doldrums — a Dad and Children Bowling Party (sorry, not for empty-nester dads) and a meet and greet for young men. Details are forthcoming.

By the time you read this, Bob Olshan, Don Singer, Alan Schwartz and I will be on our way to Washington D.C. for the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs International Bi-annual convention. We all have high hopes that we will be inspired and bring back great programming ideas.


The Men’s Club never gets tired of lighting your fire. On May 14, Lag B’Omer, or 33rd day of the Omer, the crowd enjoyed a dinner of hot dogs and falafel along with side items and lemonade. Around 8:30, the bonfire was lit — with a lot of help from Jeff Wax.


Sunday, June 25 – Second annual Kol Rinah/B’nai Amoona Bike Ride. Check your email for details.

Sunday, July 30 – Gary Kodner Book Signing. Check your email for details.


Dare I repeat myself — the weekday morning services are struggling to make minyans (10 Jewish adults). That’s why I am asking you to consider attending at least one morning minyan each week. Pick your day — you’ll enjoy the friendship and satisfaction of fulfilling a mitzvah … as well as the bagel and lox breakfast.

Honoring The Man And Youth Of The Year

April 2, 2017, is the day we honored Don Pearline as Men’s Club Man of the Year and Pardes Lyons-Warren as the Men’s Club Youth of the Year.

Don is a past president of the Brith Sholom Kneseth Israel (BSKI) Men’s Club. When BSKI merged with Shaare Zedek to become Kol Rinah, Don and Bob Olshan worked together to merge the two Men’s Clubs to become a strong Men’s Club for Kol Rinah. Don has remained active in the leadership and activities of the Men’s Club for more than 25 years. He is currently serving as treasurer of Kol Rinah Men’s Club.

Pardes is on the board of KRSTL (pronounced crystal), Kol Rinah’s USY chapter. This is her third year and her second year on the board. Last year she was the Social Action and Tikkun Olam Vice President. This year Pardes is the Membership Kadima co-Vice President.

In addition, B’nai Amoona Men’s Club and Kol Rinah Men’s Club were each presented a check for $1,000 from the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) as a grant to assist in making our respective congregations’ websites more welcoming.

What’s Ahead?

Sunday, May 7 – Dad & Me Crafts: Dads and children make Mother’s Day gifts following Sunday School. A Dairy Lunch will be served.

Sunday, May 14 – Lag B’Omer Mother’s Day Treat — Annual Bonfire, Israeli Food, Music & Special Treats for Mom.

Sunday, June 25 – Second annual Kol Rinah / B’nai Amoona bike ride.

A Side Note

The Men’s Club is always working toward “doing Jewish.” The weekday morning services are struggling to make minyans (10 Jewish adults). That’s why I am asking you to consider attending at least one morning minyan each week. Pick your day — you’ll enjoy the friendship and satisfaction of fulfilling a mitzvah.


Why a Men’s Club and What Does It Do?

Aside from developing and sponsoring programming that better connects people of all ages to the Jewish community, (along with fun events such as the recent mouth-watering Taste of India); we strive to form meaningful long-lasting relationships based on camaraderie, common interests and core values. The club mentors members to become leaders of the congregation, as well as leaders in the Midwest Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs.

Kol Rinah Men’s Club is affiliated with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC), which is a partnership of more than 250 affiliated clubs with more than 20,000 members across North America and around the world. With the creative programming and support of the FJMC, Jewish Men’s Clubs touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Why am I telling you this? I just wanted to let the men of Kol Rinah know that belonging to the Men’s Club is a big deal. It is an organization worthy of your membership, your energy and your commitment. When you receive your membership application in January, please fill it out and return it with a check for dues you have selected. In addition, you will have an opportunity to donate to the Men’s Club Rabbi Emeriti Youth Scholarship Fund, which is used to help defray the costs for our youth going to Israel.

Upcoming Men’s Club Events

  • Kol Rinah Sports Night, in January
  • World Wide Wrap, Sunday, February 5, 2017
  • Men’s Club Shabbat, Saturday, March 19, 2017
  • Man & Youth of the Year Luncheon, April 2, 2017

For more info watch your email in-box or go to Kol Rinah’s website or contact Max Brown, Men’s Club President at mensclub@kolrinah.org.


Max Brown