The High Holidays have ended leaving us with wonderful memories of the start of 5779. Thank you to all who attended the Study with the Scholars program on September 5, the Sisterhood’s Break the Fast dinner and our annual Supper in the Sukkah.

Thinking of fall and cooling temperatures, we’re excitedly looking forward to watching the progress on our new Maryland Avenue synagogue as construction starts. Kol Rinah Sisterhood has made a generous donation to the Capital Campaign, and as an auxiliary of the Kol Rinah community we’re looking forward to our new home.

The income we receive from Sisterhood dues allows us to contribute to the congregation by supporting almost every aspect of the Kol Rinah community. For current members, we have sent letters asking for your renewal of your Sisterhood membership. Please return the stub with your dues before year-end. If you are not currently a member, you should receive a letter asking that you consider joining Sisterhood. Sisterhood tributes also help Sisterhood and offer a way to show someone you are thinking of them.

Of course a major support for Sisterhood has always been our Kiddushes. We greatly appreciate the many individuals who give so much time and energy to make these delicious meals, and, of course, the families who choose to have Sisterhood be a part of their celebratory Simchas.

The Break the Fast meal this year was the first Sisterhood Kiddush of 5779. The Faye Keyser Seudah Fund has allowed Sisterhood to cater the event and has very generously underwritten the majority of the costs. The Fund also will sponsor Kiddushes on November 10 (for Veteran’s Day) and December 8. Many thanks again to Steve and Nancy Keyser for their ongoing contribution to the synagogue and Sisterhood.

Our thanks also to Craig and Amy Zaidman and family for the Sisterhood Kiddush for their daughter Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah on Oct. 13. Mazel Tov to the entire family.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Chanukah and giving thanks for all that we have and sharing with others not as fortunate.

Joyce Gang, Susan Brown – Sisterhood Co-Presidents