Rabbi Asher Memorial Lecture October 18, 2018

Rabbi Arnold Asher Memorial Lecture Series
in Honor of his 40th Yahrzeit
Rabbi Shai Held
“What is Love?” • October 18-20

Thursday, October 18, at the Federation
7pm  “The God of Judaism Is a
God of Love” Is the God of the Bible a God of vengeance or mercy, a God of anger or love?
Is a God of love too anthropomorphic, and is belief in a God of love still plausible today?

Friday evening, October 19 at Kol Rinah
6:00 Kabbalat Shabbat Services
7:30 Dinner (rsvp to the office; cost: Adults $25, Students $15) at office@KolRinahStl.org
8:30 Lecture “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”: What Are We Actually Being Asked For?
Can love really be commanded? Can we really love other people as much as we love ourselves? And who is the neighbor we’re commanded to love, anyway?

Saturday morning, October 20 at Kol Rinah
9:00 Shabbat Morning Services
11:00 Sermon followed by study after kiddush (about 12:30)
Is “Love Your Enemies” A Jewish Idea?
We are commanded to love our neighbor, but what about those who are hostile to us –
must we love them too?

Rabbi Shai Held is President, Dean, and Chair in Jewish Thought at New York City’s Hadar, where he also directs the Center for Jewish Leadership and Ideas. Rabbi Held holds a doctorate in religion from Harvard University, and he was a 2011 recipient of the prestigious Covenant Award for excellence in Jewish education. He is the author of Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call of Transcendence (2013) and The Heart of Torah (2017).
Rabbi Asher Memorial Lecture at the Jewish Federation of St. Louis
(co sponsored by the Center for Jewish Learning, Brodsky Library, and JCRC)