Rabbi Dr. Pamela Barmash Saturday, November 3 “Toward greater spiritual awareness: Birkat Hamazon, a Berakhah for how we eat today.”

Kol Rinah Community Learning presents
Rabbi Dr. Pamela Barmash
Saturday, November 3 at 12:30 pm
We will explore why Birkat Hamazon, Grace After Meals, is a powerful spiritual tool, prompting us to sense gratitude and be more mindful.
We will also study how Rabbi Barmash’s recent teshuvah, “Birkat Hamazon and Zimmun for Meals that Do Not Include Bread From the Five Species of Grain,” has shifted guidelines for Birkat Hamazon to fit how we eat today.
Rabbi Barmash will speak following the Kiddush
in the Sara Myers Community Room.
For more information: office@kolrinahstl.org

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