The Authority of the “Law” Sunday, Nov. 4 • 3 pm

The Authority of the “Law”
Adult discussion group
At Stephanie Graff-Yaffee’s residence
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On Sept. 16th, in keeping with Gillman’s suggestion to do one’s own Theology,
Margaret Israel, Richard Gavatin, Marvin Marcus and Ralph Graff described different ways that individuals react
to that part of the Bible that addresses Ritual, ranging from deep attachment to total rejection.
A similar diversity of opinion exists toward the remainder of the Bible.
Is it God-given demanding that it be literally accepted as believed by the classical Orthodox? Is it ancient
folkway to be rejected as believed by the classical Reform? or should it be conserved in a rational manner as
proposed by Frankl, the father of Conservative Judaism? An immense literature exists to help each of us decide. • 829 N. Hanley Road • St. Louis, MO 63130 • 314.727.1747