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Interfaith Families Are Welcome Here. 

Kol Rinah should be a place where Jews and their families of all backgrounds can gather together without judgement. Kol Rinah prides itself on being an inclusive community, and this includes our many member families that identify as interfaith. Whatever the interfaith configuration of your family may be, we are glad to welcome you as a part of the Kol Rinah Community. We are proud of our inclusion statement that reads:
 Kol Rinah welcomes everyone. This means YOU! We embrace a diversity of all Jews. including: Jews by choice, Jews of all hues, singles, couples, families, Interfaith households, LGBTQ Jews, Jews of all abilities and disabilities, the Jew-curious, and more!

We All Belong Grant 

We All Belong is a holistic approach for Kol Rinah regarding welcoming and integrating interfaith families in our congregation. Kol Rinah has a growing number of interfaith families, as well as a quickly growing number of members who are parents of adult children who are in interfaith relationships, whether dating, married, and/or with children. This grant is generously funded by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

Kol Rinah Ritual Policies

People of all faiths are welcome to participate in Jewish ritual life in our community. Please see the Ritual Policies we have put in place regarding specific events and practices such as B'nai Mitzvah, weddings, etc. 

 Early Childhood Center

Our Early Childhood Center is open to children from any religious background as long as they enjoy celebrating Jewish holidays with us. Here are some ECC families celebrating Shabbat in February 2017.

Helpful Links

18Doors--A website for interfaith couples and families in formation, we help you build confidence in your relationship with Jewish. We understand Jewish interfaith relationships - and deliver knowledge and connection to help you open the door to Jewish in a non-judgmental way.
USCJ Community Covenant  - USCJ is committed to helping twenty-first century synagogues engage twenty-first century families, welcoming them as they are and inspiring them to join in the spiritual vision for the congregation. 
Sat, August 13 2022 16 Av 5782