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March 2022 News

In January, classes celebrated Tu B’Shevat. Throughout the week, lots of singing of “Happy Birthday to the trees” could be heard in the hallways. Teachers brought in planters and parsley seeds for the children to plant in the hopes that they sprout in time for Passover. Classes also learned about the parts of a tree and were able to make their own trees in a variety of ways. Our infant class’s trees were made by teachers painting their arms with brown paint for the trunk and their hands with green for the leaves. The older classes made trees by crinkling up green tissue paper for the leaves and torn brown construction paper for the trunk. For a special snack, classes used circular cucumber slices to form the leaves of the tree and pretzel sticks to create the trunk.
One of the things we don’t know whether we’ll be lucky enough to get in the winter is warmer weather days. However, we had an almost Spring-like day in February. The kids got to spend lots of time outside that day and the very next day it snowed! Following a snowfall, come some of the most fun learning opportunities for kids. Teachers either bundle up their class in coats and boots and take them outside for a short period of time to play in the snow or they will go and gather some snow in a sensory bin and let the kids explore it. It always ends up being “snow” much fun for the kids!
In March, classes always look forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss week and Purim.
Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784