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About Kol Rinah

Who We Are  
Kol Rinah is the St. Louis area’s newest Conservative congregation, yet one with deep roots and a rich history. We are a (vital), vibrant community with a joyous voice - the true meaning of 'kol' and 'rinah'! where generations gather to experience Jewish traditions yet in modern ways.
Pray With Us
Our Shabbat and holiday services are egalitarian as are our twice-daily minyans. Our prayer books utilize the most contemporary forms of Hebrew and English with additional commentary and literary enhancements. Members participate in all aspects of each service reflecting our intention to welcome and encourage comfortable engagement for all. Music is an integral part of our Friday evening Kabbalat Shabbat services, providing a joyful backdrop to prayer.
Learn and Grow With Us
Kol Rinah vigorously promotes intellectual curiosity and education for all ages, beginning with our Early Childhood Center, KoREH Religious School and Community adult learning programs. Speakers are invited from many organizations to help us stay informed of Jewish and non-Jewish topics of interest.
Join and Connect With Us
Member involvement is a Kol Rinah strength. Whether through the Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Women’s Social Group, USY youth group, or young families members, our congregants connect in ways that enrich their lives and deepen their faith experience. Our diverse programs throughout the year offer many opportunities to volunteer that helps create connections. Participation can range from attending services, being part of the daily minyan, helping the Chesed committee do a mitzvah, taking a class, joining one of many committees - all levels of involvement are appreciated and welcomed.
Participate With Us
Our congregants are our greatest strength. There are multiple ways to more deeply engage with Kol Rinah by joining a committee, volunteering for mitzvah projects, serving as a Shabbat greeter, taking a class, attending minyan, hearing a special speaker, making a memorial gift and much, much more. There is something for everyone.
Kol Rinah is an inclusive community
Kol Rinah welcomes everyone. This means YOU! We embrace a diversity of Jews and Jewish families, including Jews by choice and Jews by birth, Jews of all hues, Jewish singles, couples, and families, interfaith households, LGBTQ Jews, Jews of all abilities and disabilities, the Jew-curious, and more! If there is anything we can do to make you more welcome or to accommodate your needs, please let us know.
Contact Us
Find out more from this website or calling the synagogue. In addition, Rabbi Noah Arnow is very accessible and would love to talk with you.  Please feel free to call him at the synagogue office.  We are eager to share our community with you.
Our office number and email: 314-727-1747 or
Find us on Facebook: Kol Rinah Young FamiliesKolRinah Events, Kol Rinah Youth  
Fri, January 28 2022 26 Shevat 5782