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Kol Rinah Membership Information

Our belief is simple— compassion above all else is the path to living virtuous and productive Jewish lives. Our Kol Rinah community shares a commitment to exploring what it means to live a meaningful Jewish life today. Through different opportunities for prayer, learning and celebrations we strive to build a caring community of family and friends. We welcome you to share your talent, passion and voice and join our Kol Rinah family!

You can learn more on our About Us page and our Engagement page, or this PDF Overview Brochure.

If you have any questions, please call our office and talk to Rabbi Arnow or our Executive Director, Stacey Hudson, 314.727.1747.
Note: Use English letters when spelling all Hebrew names and dates.
Note: For full Hebrew name, include father's and mother's Hebrew names if known. 
Example: Moshe ben Avraham v Sarah.

ADULT MEMBER(S) (Please choose how many adults in your house hold)
Adult Member Information
Work Information

Please add additional household members as appropriate.
Additional Household Member
Additional Relatives at Kol Rinah

Please add if any of your family have skills leading part of a service.


*Note: Ask the Rabbi if you are unsure about correct Hebrew Dates. Please use English letters when spelling all Hebrew names and dates. Note: For full Hebrew name, include father's and mother's Hebrew names if known. Example: Moshe ben Avraham v Sarah.
Please add the name and date for your deceased loved one below.

Please check 1 or 2, signifying each committee for which Person 1 or Person 2 would like more information or to participate.
Develops and supervises education programs and educational opportunities for adults.
Prepares budget; recommends dues schedule; and maintains insurance and liability coverage.
Assures maintenance of building, grounds and other real estate.
Attends to the needs of member families suffering illness, incapacitation, or bereavement.
Provides information and publicity to members and community; maintains website, newsletter and other media.
Raises funds; promotes appeals, gifts, endowments and long term financial health of the congregation.
Oversees the ECC; determines policy; monitors budget and expenditures.
Supervises catering services and use of the kitchen; sees that rules of kashrut are enforced.
Promotes support of Israel through education, information, programs and fund raising.
Maintains relationships with current and prospective member; maintains vital membership statistics.
Meets for camaraderie, education and service projects.
Organizes, attends and helps lead (2 daily services in the chapel)
Develops job descriptions, hires employees, evaluates performances and negotiates contracts.
Oversees religious school, its budget/expenditures; determines policy and rules for administration.
Responsible, with the Rabbi, for policy and rules of all religious services; and supplies of prayer books, etc.
Meets for camaraderie, education, fund raising.
Organizes and promotes activities of social justice, public service and environmental concerns.
Creates and implements programs for families with young children.
Oversees Noar, Kadima and United Synagogue Youth (USY) programs for our children in 6th to 12th grades.
Our Fair Share Member Support allows you to determine the amount of your donation to the shul. Your donation supports the foundation of what we provide our members:

  • Our rabbis, administration, and maintenance staff
  • Maintenance and security of our building and grounds
  • Education of the next generation of Jews at KoREH, our religious school
  • Continuing education with study groups and speakers
  • Daily gatherings for minyan, weekly gatherings for Shabbat and all our holiday celebrations and observances
  • Life cycle events
When you submit your membership application, we will e-mail you the details of the Fair Share Member Support.
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