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To view a board training session, contact the office 314.727.1747


2021 Tu BiShvat Panel Discussion

Supplementary Materials
Is kosher food raised more sustainably or humanely raised?
Known and Grown, Missouri Coalition for the Environment's organization for connecting people to local family farmers
Participate in community supported agriculture: 
How to make sense of a bewildering variety of food labels and claims:
The documentary Atomic Homefront, about St. Louis' atomic legacy and the environmental health consequences that arose from it:


Jews in Boxing

A half hour historical presentation followed by discussion and reminiscences with the Zoom audience.


Love, Passion, Art

A virtual tour of art at the St. Louis Art Museum by docent Dale Sharon centering around the theme of love.


Tikkun St. Louis

A conversation about the efforts to reform gerrymandering in St. Louis and working for a more equitable city.


Israel US Relations and the New Middle East with Dr Elai Rettig



Challah Dough Babka Making with Tammy Arnow


I'm excited to make tasty Shabbat treats with you!  At the class, I will be demonstrating how to make chocolate babka and cinnamon babka from challah dough.  You are welcome to watch and ask questions.  If you would like to make babka along with me, you will need to make your dough ahead of time, let it rise, punch it down, and let it rise again.  If you have any questions for me about making the dough, feel free to call me at 646-234-2124 or email me at  Looking forward to it!
Thank you!


OTSL Docent Presentation 

"La Voix Humaine" The Human Voice by Poulenc

A talk about the origins of the opera, its composer, its librettist and the original 1959 soprano debut. Includes excerpts and video clips.

Mozart: The Magic Flute

Presented by Phyllis Hyken


Feeding Women of the Talmud & Ourselves

Presented by Joyce Olshan and Rabbi Jessica Shafrin
Please note, this session has some stutters in the recording


Judaism's 10 Best Ideas by Arthur Green

Book discussion presented by Verein Discussion Group


Jews In Science Series

Audio of presentation. 
Session 5: Eric Kandel, Neuroscientist and winner of 2000 Nobel Prize
Session 6: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Scientific American piece discussing her loss in terms of impact on science, environment...

Session 7: Albert Einstein, Part 1
His life as a physicist and Jew.

Session 8: Albert Einstein, Part 2
His work.

Session 9: Hedy Lamarr
Her life and works.

Session 10: Aaron Beck
The Father of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Session 11: Nathan M Newmark
Father of earthquake Engineering

Session 12: Louis D. Brandeis
The People's Lawyer

Session 13: Primo Levi
Italian Chemist and Talented Writer

Session 15: The Fundamentals of Genealogy
With Monroe Ginsburg and Gary Kodner

Session 16: Gustav Schonfeld
Auschwitz survivor and his work on the prevention of coronary artery disease.

Session 17: The Jewish Enlightenment
Christina Feist shares her dissertation on the beginnings of Conservative Judaism

Session 18: Impressionism
Gary Kodner presents Science and Judaism of Impressionism

Session 19: Political Science
Bob Cohn discusses politics in Israel

Session 20: What is Life?
In light of Supreme Court decisions recently, the question is again on many people's minds. Three professionals will discuss Medical, Jewish and Psychological aspects of this age-old question!

Session 21: Jewish Penicillin
A three-part session including a review of the Edith Mazur Library, reminiscences from her grandson and the Jewish connection to the discovery of penicillin.

Session 22: Antiobiotics continued
A focus on Selman Waksman - the researcher responsible for streptomycin.

Session 23: BioStL
Can St. Louis leverage science and innovation to be a leader in the 21st Century?   by Donn Rubin


Verein: Music Series

Session 1: Michael Tilson Thomas
A presentation by Phyllis Hyken about Michael Tilson Thomas, music director, conductor, composer, and educator, and his contributions to the world of classical music. 


Verein: History of Yiddish Theatre

In the late 19th and early 20th Century, The Yiddish Theater was the cultural passion of the immigrant Jewish community. It was attended by rich and poor, educated and illiterate, observant and free-thinking.
Part 1: New York

Part 4: Chicago

Part 5: St. Louis


Verein: Biblical Criticism

Biblical Criticism is defined as analysis expressing opinion based on proven data. We will define Bible as The Five Books of Moses, Prophets, and Writings, a book containing these documents in chronological order, the TANACH. As we read documents we must distinguish between History, factual past events, Myths, stories made up to justify beliefs, and all literature between. Our religious literature is composed of these “hybrids”.
Part 1- The Restoration Period

 Part 2- Chronicles and Kings

Part 3- The Documentary Hypothesis

Part 4- Alternatives to the Documentary Hypothesis

Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784