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Jews In Science: Session: 5-23-2021

RSVP by May 21st at 3 PM
Speaker: Dr. Howard Granok
Science Dept. Chair, Crossroads College Preparatory School; Adjunct Instructor, Wash U in StL
Rosalind Franklin - the actual discoverer of DNA and the Double Helix    
May 23, 2021, 4:00 - 5:30 pm on Zoom
Sponsored by Kol Rinah Verein Discussion Group
For more information Contact Richard Gavatin

Today DNA technology is very much a part of our lives, but back in the 1950's scientists didn't understand its structure or how it functioned. Rosalind Franklin was a dedicated, witty scientist whose work paved the way for the biotechnology revolution that continues today.  Once forgotten, her work stands today as one of the pillars on which modern molecular genetics is based.  Franklin's drive to do something useful sprang from her Jewish roots, even if she did not necessarily believe in G-d.

Please note: We will be recording all of our sessions.
Thu, May 6 2021 24 Iyyar 5781