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Jews In Science

Jews in Science
Below is the schedule for 2021.  All Programs begin at 4 PM unless specified. Click here for videos of past sessions.
2/21/2021    Speaker: Richard Gavatin
Introduction to the Series - The core essentials of Science and Judaism 
3/21/2021    Speaker: Dr. Ralph Graff 
                    Professor of Surgery, St. Louis University School of Medicine
Nine Wash U Jewish Scientists Nobel Prize Laureates
Did you know that 37.5% of All Wash U Nobel winners were Jewish? 
Now available! Audio recording and pdf of March 21st presentation
4/18/2021    Speaker: Dr. Alan Rosenberg
                    Former Asst. Professor of Mathematics at Wesleyan University;  
                              retired Managing Principal at Energy & Economics Consulting Firm
Emmy Noether - Mathematics - The Noether Theorem (Math)
                       Jewish and probably the greatest woman mathematician of all time.
                   Click here to go to the page with the recording of the April Session
5/23/2021    Speaker: Dr. Howard Granok
                    Science Dept. Chair, Crossroads College Preparatory School; Adjunct Instructor, Wash U in StL
Rosalind Franklin - the actual discoverer of DNA and the Double Helix    
                 Click here to go to the page with the recording of the May Session
7/11/2021    Speaker: Dr. Deborah Rubin
                    MD, AGAF,  William B. Kountz Professor of Medicine, Professor of Developmental Biology
                              Associate Director for Faculty Affairs Director, Women’s' GI Committee
Eric Kandel - Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology (2000) - Neuroscience
How his early experiences in Vienna under Nazism influenced his life and his life’s work on the biology of memory 
Click here to hear Debbie's amazing lecture once again (or for the first time)
7/25/2021  Speaker Larry Friedman  -  Attorney and Partner at Thompson Coburn LLP. At Columbia Law School, one of his professors was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

9/19/2021 Speaker:  Dr. Bob Olshan
                 Retired Boeing Engineer, PhD Tel Aviv University BS/MS U
Albert Einstein, his life as a Physicist and a Jew
10/10/2021  Speaker: Dr. Marty Israel
                    Professor Physics at Wash U
Albert Einstein, his work
11/21/2021 Speaker: Linda Spitzer Gavatin
                   Retired Business Management & Computer Accounting Professional
Hedy Lamarr - Inventor of Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth
 (Yes, THAT Hedy Lamarr)

12/19/2021   Speaker: Dr. Randi Mozenter
                     Clinical psychologist, board certified in Clinical Psychopharmacology, 
                               Clinical medical staff at Barnes Jewish Hospital, Wash U Medical School.
Aaron T. Beck, Psychiatrist/Psychologist
1/16/2022 Speaker Dr. Phil Gould
Nathan Newmark
Pioneer in the science of earthquakes 
2/20/2022 Speaker Sandy Boxerman
Louis Brandeis
3/202022 Speaker Margaret Israel
Primo Levi

4/24/2022 Speaker Dr. Jaron Asher
Sigmund Freud
(Note. Fourth Sunday as Third is Pessach)
Fri, January 28 2022 26 Shevat 5782