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August 30, 2019 Construction Update

August 23, 2019 Construction Update

August 2019 Construction Update 8/2/19

Photos taken by Stacey Hudson

July 2019 Construction Update 7/5/19

June 2019 Construction Update 6/21/19

Photos Taken June 14, 2019


Photos Taken June 7, 2019

                              sanctuary walls going up

looking out the across the stairs to the sanctuary

chapel walls construction continues

materials being delivered to the site

Photos Taken May 31, 2019

Opening in the existing building 

Looking out from the flex space through the new opening

Framed plaque alcove

bricks from the demolition, saved to infill at doors not required

Framed chapel walls

Photos Taken May 26, 2019

your photographer at work

interior studs in place

waterproofing the perimeter

view from the courtyard

Photos Taken May 17, 2019

View from the south side of the sanctuary towards the steps and entry to the flex space


steps with concrete 



View looking west towards the entry to the building from the courtyard

More Stacey Hudson construction photos

Sun, September 22 2019 22 Elul 5779