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March 2020 / Adar 5780
Dear Kol Rinah Family,
“Now we are slaves. Next year, we will be free.” As we approach Passover, the Feast of Freedom, we collectively are feeling less free than we have in many previous years. We are at home, in physical proximity only to the people with whom we live.
Just as God warned us to stay in our homes amidst the darkness of our last night in Egypt before the journey to freedom, so too do we sadly implore you to have in-person seders only with those with whom you live. We will be sharing resources for small seders, and instructions for having seders by yourself, and thoughts about the spiritual opportunities these seders offer, along with recognition of the real loss of not having seders in the physical presence of family and friends.
And of course, we know that many people will be having seders together virtually. If you would like to be matched up with people doing a virtual seder, please call or email the office. If you are in need of Passover food, or have any Passover-related questions, please be in touch with us.
Next year, we will be free.
Rabbi Noah Arnow Rabbi Scott Shafrin

Passover Information

Community Assistance

The Harvey Kornblum Food Pantry has food available, kosher and non-kosher food, as well as Passover food.  Details are here.  

JFS has mental health services available at this anxiety-provoking time including free and low-cost counseling.  More information is here.

The JCC is offering prepared kosher meals, as well as prepared kosher for Passover meals.  They are available for anyone who needs them, regardless of ability to pay, and also for purchase at full price.  Meals can also be gifted.  The Passover menu and info is here.  The regular menu and general info is here.  

If you're interested in volunteering at the Harvey Kornblum Food Pantry, they could use help-- click here for information on volunteering there as well as info on donating food to the food pantry.
Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780