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Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Shafrin; the Eruv Remains Down! 11/12/2021

Dear Kol Rinah Family,

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, falling on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. In our own community, we are blessed to have many veterans who have served in a variety of branches of the armed forces both here and in the Land of Israel. To all those who have served and continue to serve in order to ensure the safety and freedom of us all, we thank you for your service.

In honor of all those who have served, we will be participating in Veteran's Shabbat this Saturday morning. Members of the Kol Rinah community who have served in the Armed Forces will be participating and speaking about their service and how it connects with their own sense of Jewish values, duty, and care for others.

We are so proud of all of our service members, and are delighted to celebrate and honor their service this Shabbat. While we, each week, pray for peace, for a day when war and bloodshed cease, there is no more noble effort than standing up to defend your family, your community, and your nation from harm.

Mazal tov to Riav Feit, as well as her parents, Jenna and Corey, sister Soliea, and her whole extended family who were able to celebrate her bat mitzvah this past Shabbat!

Mazal tov also to Sara and Joe Kavannaugh on their wedding and recommitment ceremony just yesterday! It was a lovely event and the very first wedding in our new sanctuary!

Mazal tov to Rena and Roberto Munster on the birth of a baby boy on October 26, and on welcoming him into the covenant of the Jewish people just over a week ago. If you would like to help these wonderful new parents, we have a meal train going that you can access through the link below:

This afternoon, Rabbi Arnow will be leading Torah Talk  at noon (12:00pm) delving into some fascinating pieces from Parashat Vayetzei. We look forward to a wonderful discussion with a great group of learners of all ages and backgrounds. (see link below)

Tonight, we will be coming together for Kabbalat Shabbat services will be
on Zoom beginning at 3:30 pmPlease note the time change as the start of Shabbat continues to move earlier (see link below).

Candle lighting tonight is at 4:33 pm.  

Tomorrow morning, we will be gathering together in the sanctuary starting at 9:30am for our Veteran's Shabbat service. We look forward to a wonderful Shabbat together with our own verterans and active duty military personnel and their families (see link below).

Parashat Vayetzei
Torah Reading: Genesis 28:10-32:3
Haftarah: Hosea 12:13-14:10

Shabbat Mincha (the afternoon service) will begin at 
4:20 pm, followed by a little learning, Ma'ariv (evening services), and Havdallah.

Havdallah on Saturday evening will be at
5:35 pm.

We have A LOT of amazing programs coming up as well:

Zoom registration link:

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to welcome the talented, soulful, and brilliant Deborah Sacks Mintz to Kol Rinah Friday, December 10 - Sunday, December 12. She will be leading a number of programs, services, and learning opportunities for us, so please click the link below and sign up for all of these wonderful opportunities to learn, grow, sing, pray, and connect!

To register for any or all of the weekend's events, please click
here .

To see the full list of all the incredible programs happening in the shul, please check the website:

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If you are feeling at all ill, or if you are at increased health risk, please stay home to keep yourself and everyone safe and healthy.

Our full COVID protocols are available here:

Please refrain wearing perfume or other strong scents to synagogue, as we have people with significant allergies. 

Shabbat shalom,  
Rabbi Scott Shafrin


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