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Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Arnow 2/24/2023

Dear Kol Rinah Family, 

It was wonderful having Hazzan Joanna Dulkin at Kol Rinah last Shabbat, and wonderful to see so many of you here Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday evening.  Hazzan Dulkin is a very special person, and special to so many of us at Kol Rinah.  

What we do just about every Friday night is pretty much what we did this past Friday night.  The significant difference was not Hazzan Dulkin--it was the energy of having so many of you there!  We have something already very special on Friday nights, and with the presence of a few more people, lending your spirits and your voices, it could become an (even more) amazingly inspirational experience every week.  

This Shabbat has a particular significance.  Apparently, this Saturday is a "
National Day of Hate." I don't really know what that means, nor do I especially care.  We will have a police officer here Saturday morning, and I encourage everyone to be a bit more vigilant this weekend.  

I will say though, I hope we don't have an especially small crowd because of this.  That would literally make this successful terrorism--so come for a regular, lovely Shabbat.  

Shabbat is an anchor in what we do, and there's a lot more happening over the coming weeks, from Purim to a presentation on our stained glass to Passover, and more.  Rather than me retyping everything, take a quick look at our website, for all the details and links.  One note--we'll be selling macaroni-box groggers for a dollar for tzedaka on Purim--so bring your $1 dollar bills the night of Purim! 

Today at noon, Rabbi Shafrin will be leading Torah Talk on Zoom, focusing on how the building of the mishkan teaches us about constructing our own spiritual lives.  

Candle lighting will be at 5:31pm.  
Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv will be at 6pm.  

Tomorrow morning, we start at 9am.  Torah Talk (same topic) will be at 10:15am.  I'll be teaching Torah in the sermon about the cherubim, kids, gender, and especially trans kids.  

Mincha will be at 5:20, and Shabbat ends at about 6:35pm.  

Shabbat shalom and see you in shul,
Rabbi Noah Arnow

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Then, when prompted, enter the Meeting ID of the desired minyan/class then press #.  Then, when prompted, enter the password then press #.  
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Learning Opportunities
Torah Talk with Rabbi Arnow or Rabbi Shafrin
Every Friday at 12pm
Join us for study and discussion of the week's Torah portion.  


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