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Shabbat Shalom with Lots of Information from Rabbi Shafrin 3/3/2023

Dear Kol Rinah Family,

There is a lot to tell you all about this coming week, so I am just going to launch into it!

Purim is Coming!

This Monday night, March 6 begins the holiday of Purim this year! There will be so many wonderful events happening Monday night and Tuesday morning for members of all ages to join together in festive celebration. See the full schedule below.

You probably know the story of Purim, but do you know the mitzvot (commandments) of this holiday?

Purim has four main mitzvot: 1) hearing the Megillah, 2) giving gifts of money to the poor (matanot l’evyonim), 3) giving gifts of food (mishloach manot), and 4) having a Seudat Purim (a Purim meal).

You can hear the Megillah either in the evening or in the morning, though ideally you could do both (see schedule below with livestream link) This mitzvah is about retelling and remembering the story of Purim.

Matanot L’evyonim is actually very similar to what we do on other holidays—inviting those in need to spendholidays with us, sharing our bounty with those who need help to be able to fully celebrate. To fulfill the legal requirement, one is supposed to give—on the day of Purim—money to two different poor
individuals. There is no specified amount, and this can be done personally, or via an intermediary. Talk to Rabbi Arnow or I if you have more questions. 

If you would like a new way to give to others and also to celebrate, we will be selling macaroni and chesse groggers on Monday night! The proceeds will be collected, you will get a massively loud grogger for the Megillah reading, and then all of the macaroni will be donated to the food pantry! A triple mitzvah!!!

Mishloach Manot are a mitzvah unique to Purim—they enhance the joy of the day. One is supposed to give, at minimum, two different kinds of foods to two different people. The foods must require different blessings. An orange and a cookie would suffice, but two cookies, or two oranges, or an orange and an apple, are not sufficient. Ideally, this is done on the actual day of Purim, so even though the synagogue is sending mishloach manot to the entire congregation, you should ideally give to at least one person yourself on Purim!

The laws of the Purim meal (seudat Purim) are simple—have one, during the day of Purim. It can extend into the evening. It should include bread, and can include whatever else you want as long as it feels celebratory.

Here is the full schedule:

Fast of Esther (Ta'anit Esther) begins at 5:14 am & ends at 6:26pm.

Purim related crafts and activities for our Young Families Group and Families Group to enjoy doing with their kids. 
5:45pm: Our Young Families Group (families with kids under age 6) can enjoy a                   Purim Shadow Puppet Show and Purim songs with Morah Karen. 

               And our Families Group (families with kids over age 6) can enjoy a                         special interactive Purim experience with Rabbis Shafrin and Arnow. 
6:00pm: Mincha in the Sanctuary (no Zoom)
6:15pm: Synagogue Wide Purim Dinner - everyone who has RSVP'ed is welcome to join us for a pasta dinner with salad and garlic bread. 
6:45pm: Maariv in the Sanctuary
7:00pm: Costume Parade for all, followed by Megillah reading in person and livestreadmed (using Shabbat link), with our very silly Kol Rinah Purim shpiel.

Tuesday Morning
7:00am: Shacharit with Megillah reading in person and livestreamed (using Shabbat link)

This Shabbat, there will also be wonderful things happening. Mazal tov and thank you to Phyllis Hyken, who will be sponsoring the kiddush this Shabbat in honor of her birthday! Yom chuledet sameach!

Also this Shabbat, we will be having our Kol HaMishpacha Family Shabbat Service at 10:45 am in the Guller Chapel. Come have a blast with our elementary-aged families and Morah Karen in our fantasic, musical, energetic family service!

We will be having Torah Talk this Shabbat morning in the Community Hall at 10:15 am! For the next few weeks, we will also continue having Torah Talk on Fridays at noon, with the same session also being led by either myself or Rabbi Arnow on Saturday mornings. If you would like to attend Torah Talk, but require masks to be worn for your health and security, please let us know and we can make accomodations for the Torah Talk group.

So, today at noon AND Saturday at 10:15 am, Rabbi Arnow will be leading our Torah Talk on various midrashim looking at different mystical and metaphysical lenses for the Purim story. We WILL be back together in time to hear the reading of the special maftir section for Parashat Zachor, which is a specific mitzvah to hear.

Also, if you would like to read Rabbi Arnow's thoughtful sermon from last Shabbat (Parashat Terumah), you can read it here.

Candle Lighting Friday night is at 5:38 pm. 

Parshah: Tetzaveh
Shabbat Zachor
Torah Talk 10:15am

Torah Reading: Exodus 27:20 - 30:10
Maftir: Deuteronomy 25:17-19
Haftarah: Samuel 1 15:2-34
Mincha/Maariv: 5:30pm  

Havdalah will be at 6:42 pm.

Kol tuv,
Rabbi Shafrin
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Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783