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05/22/2022 01:45:20 PM


Stacey Hudson

I usually write this on a Sunday afternoon.  I find quiet time at home, away from the activity of the office, to think about the past week or two to find a way to keep you all informed. The past several Sundays I have not had that needed time and each week miss keeping up with this blog I enjoy writing so much. So much has happened since I last wrote.
Our Passover Haiku contest was great fun with over 60 submissions. I included some of the haikus in our family seder. If you were a winner and have not claimed your prize, please come by the office, we have something for you.
I was so moved during New Member Shabbat when Rabbi Arnow blessed the members that have joined within the past two years. Seeing this wonderful group of people together - many of whom jumped right in when they joined and are involved in our programs and events – I know we will live up to our mission and be the vibrant congregation we strive to be.
It was so great to have Mitzvah Day back! The building and courtyard were filled with people learning and working on projects to benefit others in our community. Thank you to Denise Field, Benj Singer and everyone that worked so hard to bring it together.
So many came out for our Lag B’omer celebration. Thank you to Melissa Bellows for bringing together a group of people from throughout the congregation to plan the event. Max Brown and Jim Singman prepared the bonfire, which was spectacular.
KR Circles. This is the umbrella name we have given to all our small interest groups. Please check the website if you are interested in book clubs, movies, fiber arts, softball and fitness to learn more about our KR Circles. And if you are interested in something you want to teach, learn or do with a group in our shul, please call me. We will continue to grow our KR Circles so all of our members find their community within the congregation.
I think Melissa has magical powers to keep the rain away. Both Mitzvah Day and Lag B’omer were under threat of bad weather but Melissa was confident the sky would clear, and it did. This is Melissa’s last week as our Young Families Coordinator. We have planned many events together, throwing out ideas, setting a game plan and figuring out the details. So many of our programs the past few years were a success because of Melissa’s creativity and fearlessness at on taking something new. I will miss working with her, talking with her and hearing about her kids at staff meetings. I wish Melissa, Adam, Max, Lila and Jonah all the best on their new adventure in West Lafayette, Indiana, where Adam will be the rabbi at Temple Israel. And I will miss Melissa’s ability to keep the rain away.
Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784