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11/20/2022 08:47:13 PM


Stacey Hudson

I have heard people say,” I don’t need to pay to pray.” That is true. What they do not understand or acknowledge is that there is a cost to having a building, having the lights on, the temperature right, the grounds well kept, the services led, the classes taught and most important, the people who make all that happen. All of those things give us a sense of place, a safeguard for our heritage and build our community.
This week our members will receive the letter asking for their 2023 Fair Share Member Support pledge.
When Kol Rinah was founded, our board decided to forgo a traditional dues structure and have a fair share honor system for membership donations. When someone calls me to ask about becoming a member, they usually ask what they will have to pay in dues. I tell them this: We provide a guide with recommendations for the yearly pledge based on household income but the amount they donate is up to them.
I am not going to ask them to tell me their income. They may have a substantial income but are putting three children through college. They may be supporting an elderly parent. Or they may be a young couple getting started and paying for early childcare. It is not my place to know the details of their financial circumstances.
The Fair Share Member Support donation is an honor system. We ask that you pay what you can, ideally within your recommended household range. The key to success with our honor system is that everyone participates to the best of their ability. If you haven’t pledged before, please do. If you have donated a minimal amount previously, can you increase it? And to those who generously donate more than the recommended amount, we are grateful.
This past week our board members were presented with a deficit budget. It was a difficult discussion as they reviewed our anticipated expenses knowing that, based on our recent history of member support, we will fall short of matching it with member donations. Let’s all work together to change that and put the shul on a solid financial path.
One of things we do with your member support is care for our Torahs. This past week Rabbi Moshe Druin, with Sofer on Site, spent time repairing our scrolls. It was special for me to watch him work as he used a quill pen to repair letters and see that the Torahs we use each week are kosher.
Our team of volunteers is completing the installation of our memorial plaques. This has been a month’s long process led by Ralph Graff and Gary Kodner. Over 3,000 of our legacy plaques, and the new ones many of you ordered, are installed on the walls in the Boxerman Memorial Alcove, Guller Chapel and third floor hallway. On December 17 there will be a special kiddush to thank all the volunteers that worked on this project. I hope you can come.
I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you all soon.
Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784