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Verein = Society

Contact:  Ralph Graff or Richard Gavatin for more info

In the early 1800's, a group of young intellectual Berlin Jews founded “Der Verein fur Wissenshaft der Judentum” (Society for the Scientific study of Judaism).The positions taken would prophecise changes in Judaism leading to Reform, Conservative and Modern Orthodox Judaism. In recognition, we have chosen the word Verein for the name of our Discussion Group.

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Good and Evil  November 2.  Get the book and read it in advance

Over the last several months we have discussed our personal beliefs: what is God, from whence comes the Torah, what is the value of prayer, etc. Although the subject of good and evil lurked in our discussions, it was never addressed per-se. It is of note that Torah begins with creation placing man/woman in Eden quickly followed by woman/man’s “sin” of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the subsequent punishment.Read more...

July 2019 Article

Ten years ago we listened to a series of lectures by our Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Neil Gillman, who opened a new world to us in appreciating Judaism. In addition to his didactic presentations, he encouraged us to take advantage of the wonderful literature that was available to us.

A year ago, in honor of his death, our “Verein Discussion Group” initiated a review of his book “Sacred Fragments”. The book concluded with the...Read more...

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