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Verein = Society

Contact: Ralph Graff or Richard Gavatin for more info

In the early 1800's, a group of young intellectual Berlin Jews founded “Der Verein fur Wissenshaft der Judentum” (Society for the Scientific study of Judaism).The positions taken would prophecise changes in Judaism leading to Reform, Conservative and Modern Orthodox Judaism. In recognition, we have chosen the word Verein for the name of our Discussion Group.
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Book Club on Zoom

On July 12, 4 PM on Zoom.  

The book selected for this session is by Dr. Arthur Green, Judaism’s 10 Best Ideas. – A Brief Guide for Seekers.  We would encourage you to participate and, of course, because it’s on Zoom, it will be a little different from our previous Club meetings.  Nonetheless, we think we can have a meaningful discussion!  Even more so, if you read the book in advance. This is obviously optional; you are welcome to attend even if you haven’t read the book.
If you HAVE read the book, and want to speak on one of the subject matters that he addresses in the ten chapters, please feel free to contact us and you can then say a few words about “your” chapter. 
The Book Club will be discussing Arthur's Green's book:
"Judaism's 10 Best Ideas. A Brief Guide for Seekers"
We hope that you all read the book, or at least the review.  If not, there is still time.
Dr. Green identifies 10 ideas he sees as central in Judaism. 
As we all know, if five Jewish folks gather in a room to discuss the best ideas, there will be at least six opinions.
And that is the whole idea of a Book Club.  
We want to hear what ideas you find most intriguing in the Jewish tradition.  

In short, Dr. Green lists HIS picks for this list:  (And in no particular order) (these are Chapter numbers, not ranking!):
1.  Simhah - Joy.   2.  Tzelem Elohim - Creation in God's Image.   3.  Halakhah - Walking the Path.  4. Tikkun Olam - Repairing the world.   5.  Shabbat - Getting off the treadmill.  
6.  Teshuvah - Returning   7.  Torah - The People and the Book.  8.  Talmud Torah - 'Teach Them to Your Children'.   9. L'Hayim - To Life!  and 10.  Ehad - Hear O Israel.
If you found one of these concepts especially intriguing, speaking directly to you, and would like to share your thoughts on them at the Book Club, please let me know in advance and we would be looking forward to hearing from you. 

Upcoming Programs

 June 28, 4PM : Musical Memories of the Concentration Camps
Phyllis Hyken  
July 12 4 PM Book Club:  Judaism's 10 Best Idea by Dr. Arthur Green.  
Read a book review here.  

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Previous Programs

July 2019 Update

Ten years ago we listened to a series of lectures by our Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Neil Gillman, who opened a new world to us in appreciating Judaism. In addition to his didactic presentations, he encouraged us to take advantage of the wonderful literature that was available to us.

A year ago, in honor of his death, our “Verein Discussion Group” initiated a review of his book “Sacred Fragments”. The book concluded with 

To be Continued here

Thu, July 9 2020 17 Tammuz 5780