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May 2021 Sisterhood Message

Sisterhood is a giving part of the Shul. And we have fulfilled one of our roles in the Shul by donating significant funds to the Shul by way of Mishloach Manot, funds to USY to allow them to go to conventions and conferences, to the ECC, to KoREH, our religious school, and to our Shul’s Capital Campaign. YOU have played a major part in that by your generous donations and your membership in Sisterhood.
Last Spring we were just seeing what minyanim by way of Zoom would be like. What programs we could have. This past winter we had a wonderful program with Lauren Cohen on developing resilience. We were “taken” to the St. Louis Art Museum in February by way of Zoom, and had a beautiful program on Love, by Dale Sharon, a SLAM docent. After Pesach this year we had another Challah baking class, with Tammy Arnow, with the addition of learning to make several kinds of Babka, a wonderful treat!
Our yearly Torah Fund campaign to support the Conservative Seminaries is ending the end of May. We are recognizing and honoring the Faye Keyser Memorial Seudah Fund for its contributions over the years to our Sisterhood and to the Shul. Its support has been invaluable. Thank you to Linda Makler, our Torah Fund chairperson, who has worked tirelessly for Kol Rinah to again support our future rabbis, cantors, and educators for the day schools and synagogues, and professional and lay leaders of Conservative Judaism. Thank you to all of you who have already made your donations.
Wishing you health and safety, and a return to our previous precious lives at the right time,
Susan Brown & Joyce Gang
Sisterhood Co-Presidents
Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyyar 5782