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COVID-19 Safety at Kol Rinah

We practice social distancing and masks are required.

These forms must be completed before you can enter either building.

Wellness Form 
This Form needs to be filled out every time you want to enter one of our buildings.
Kol Rinah Waiver, Release, Covenant Not to Sue, and Indemnity Agreement
This form only needs to be filled out once a year. Please print, sign and send it to Kol Rinah.

COVID-19 Safety in KoREH

Our Kol Rinah Education Hub (KoREH) leaders have been working throughout the summer to adapt and change our lessons and educational models to meet the needs of families during this pandemic. As of this writing, we are still planning to meet starting after the High Holidays in a largely modified format once a week, with smaller class pods to limit exposure, everyone masked and strict procedures governing our interactions. We are also supplementing our classroom learning with virtual 1-1 tutoring, as well as virtual learning, for any families who are unable to be with us in person for any reason.
We know any of these plans may need to change given new information over the next few months. We will continue to adapt together through the challenges ahead. Just as in any other year, your community is here for you, to nourish and guide you, to help and to hear you, to sustain you and to enable you to reach each new part of your journey.

COVID-19 Safety in our ECC

Full COVID-19 Protocols pdf
In brief
  • All staff and families will be required to answer 4 COVID-19 related questions every morning via the REMIND app.
  • Teachers temperatures will be taken each day. Masks all day long. If gloves are worn, they will be changed regularly.
  • All children will have a wellness check at the entrance. Parents are prohibited from entering the building. Drop-offs will be staggered to safely greet and transition kids to their classrooms. Families will be assigned a pick-up time to limit the number of families picking up at once.
  • Staff and children will wash hands or use hand sanitizer (each class has their own bottle of hand sanitizer) every 45 minutes, as well as after using  high contact surfaces (doorknob, lightswitch...).  Surfaces such as high chairs and tables, sinks and toilets will be cleaned after each use. Objects such as toys that are touched frequently will be cleaned daily.  Objects that are mouthed by children will be quickly placed in a container to be cleaned at the teachers earliest convenience.
  • There will be no multi-group or whole school gatherings at this time. Shabbat celebrations will be held virtually. Groups will be limited to no more than 10 children per group. Teachers and children will always remain in the same designated group.
Tue, September 22 2020 4 Tishrei 5781