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Contribute to a Shabbat Kiddush

Whether it is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, new (grand)baby, other event, honoring or remembering a loved one, or just helping out the synagogue, contributing to a Shabbat Kiddush is a beautiful way of sharing a moment with the community!

The forms below give you the options of contributing to the Kiddush Fund, donating to a Synagogue Kiddush or sponsoring a Sisterhood Kiddush. You will be contacted by the facilitator who specializes in the kiddush you have chosen to support.

If you'd like to participate in services with an honor or blessing on the day of your kiddush, please contact Micki Kingsley in the office 314.727.1747.

All contributions to a Kiddush will be recognized in “The Voice Extra" as well as mentioned in the Shabbat announcements and in the Shabbat sheet at services that Shabbat morning.

*Required to confirm submission.

Three ways to make a Kiddush Contribution.

Contribute to the Kiddush Fund - A donation to support our weekly Shabbat Kiddush, any amount is welcome.
Donate to a Shul Kiddush - (Provided and managed by Kol Rinah Halls and Catering) choose to donate as many add-ons from the list that you want.
Sponsor a Sisterhood Kiddush - (Provided and managed by Kol Rinah Sisterhood) the Sisterhood has three sponsorship packages: $600, $750 & (starting at) $1200.

Contributing to a Kiddush Fund

Please enter amount.
Contact the office for questions, 314.727.1747.

Donating to a Synagogue Kiddush

Marsha Birenbaum (314.725.1100) will contact you about your add-ons to the Synagogue Kiddush.

An average Synagogue Kiddush runs about $400 and includes: soup or salad, bread or bagels and cream cheese, a selection of sweets, and hot beverages (coffee co-sponsored by Men’s Club).
Possible add-ons from your donation are listed below.

Sponsoring a Sisterhood Kiddush

Micki Kingsley (314.727.1747) will contact you to discuss the package you have chosen for your Sisterhood catered Kiddush.
Sisterhood generously donates the proceeds to support Kol Rinah programs and groups. Kol Rinah Sisterhood is happy to participate in your simcha and thanks you for this opportunity. 
All Sisterhood kiddushes include: soup or salad, bread or bagels, a selection of sweets, and hot beverages (coffee co-sponsored by Men’s Club).
Prices in the packages below are based on $9.50 per person (assumed normal attendance) and include standard items and most common choices such as:
- Tuna salad or tossed salad
- Fruit, assorted pastries
- Herring, gefilte fish/horseradish
- Challah, wine, grape juice
- Coffee (reg/decaf), tea, punch
- Setup, cups, plates, forks, spoons, napkins and 4 servers

Click to see package options.
You will be billed by Sisterhood after your kiddush takes place.
You will be billed by Sisterhood after your kiddush takes place.
Pricing is calculated on 120 people. The menu is decided between you and Sisterhood. (More options are available than listed above. Micki Kingsley will discuss those with you.)
A $500 deposit is required now.

Depending on whether you have chosen to support a Shul or Sisterhood Kiddush, Barbara Shamir or Micki Kingsley 314.727.1747 will contact you to discuss details.

Thank you for your generous support! 
Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784