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Memorial Plaque Location

Our BS, SZ, BSKI, KI, and Kol Rinah plaques are now on the walls of Kol Rinah. We have combined family groups that may or may not have been together in our past buildings.

If you have a special request for names you would like to see moved or combined, please submit your requests (include name and current location, and location of your family grouping - columns are marked at the bottom) and we will accommodate those requests IF possible. All of our memorial plaques are being assigned new location numbers so that you will be able to locate them in our: Boxerman Memorial Alcove, Shamir Memorial Hallway, Guller Chapel, or Cannon/Field Third Floor Reception Area.

New memorial plaque requests are also available. 
Thank you
Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784