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July 2020 Special - KoREH

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Jewish Education for Our Ever Changing World 

The world of Jewish education has changed in fantastic and dramatic ways in every generation. Indeed, the last ten years have seen a flowering of new ideas about what it means to learn Jewishly, what experiences encourage spiritual growth and curiosity, and how families and communities can work to educate not only young students, but Jewish learners at every stage of life. 

Here at Kol Rinah, we have made incredible strides in how we educate our school-age children. Our Kol Rinah Education Hub (KoREH) is staffed by extraordinarily compassionate, thoughtful, and dedicated educators, focused on experienced-based learning. Together, we guide students from kindergarten through seventh grade to understand Judaism, sensitizing them to Jewish moments, milestones, celebrations, and culture by giving them these experiences in miniature. And thanks to the amazing dedication of our teachers, we were able to adapt the last two months of lessons into content that could be shared online and completed in groups over Zoom or at home with the help of parents and families.

Kol Rinah’s amazing new building on Maryland Avenue has well-equipped KoREH learning rooms as well as centers and outdoor spaces to enjoy. We are also set up technologically to be able to enhance and supplement learning when we are not physically together. I have been so inspired by our community parents as they participate in our Parent Learning Track at KoREH and engage with their young learners at home. Our wonderful faculty is constantly learning new ways to integrate Jewish ideals, concepts, experiences, and values into the everyday lives of our students and their families. 

Working together with teachers, students, parents, relatives, and the leadership of our community, I can see a myriad of ways a passion for Jewish life can be inculcated in our youth and families. It is that hope that pushes us to develop new ways to connect and learn with one another, no matter what barriers may exist.

During these summer months, we have been preparing for a school year at KoREH that will inspire new learning and growth, continue to build deep personal relationships, and safeguard the health and wellness of our students, staff, and families. While that may look different from previous ways we learned together, I ardently believe this is merely the latest iteration of the infinitely adaptable history of Jewish learning and life. 

To register a student for KoREH, please contact me ( and sign up online on our website at We are excited to learn with all of you this year!
Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784