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March 2018 KoREH News

“B’nai He-Atid: Children of the Future”

One of the greatest joys of my life has been the ability to be a part of Jewish summer camp communities. I grew going to Camp Interlaken JCC in Eagle River WI, spending a total of 13 summers back in Wisconsin’s beautiful North Woods.

We had a song there that we loved to sing after dinners called “B’nai He-Atid,” (Children of the Future), and we would scream out the words as we danced throughout the dining hall. The song explains that the future will be a bright one for everyone and in every place and time. Even when the Jewish People were wandering in the desert, anxious and afraid of the new world they were exploring, they had the a goal ahead of them that bound them together: to build up a new land and home and make it their own.

One part of the song goes:

And in that time
(wandering in the desert),
the Jews all tried to help
the people [around them],
And the Jewish People thrived.

For me, this is a crucial lesson: that we have the power to shape our future when we are willing to join together. Your Kol Rinah staff, Board Members, leaders, ECC and Religious School teachers and everyone who volunteers their time have been working tirelessly to make sure that the future of this community in the next year and far beyond will be as bright as possible. And we need each of your voices, minds, hands and hearts to ensure that that future is just as wonderful as we all dreamed it would be.

Here in the Religious School, we have found new ways to make the learning more active and impactful. We have been training in the latest and best practices for experiential education, and learning more about the needs of our students and families. And as we learn and improve, we are finding new ways to honor the uniqueness and special gifts of every student who walks in our door, whether they are nine years old or ninety. We want to learn and grow together with you.

I know our future looks bright because of all of you, your compassion and your love for this community and for everyone in it. Thank you for all that you do!

Kol tuv,

Rabbi Scott Shafrin
Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780