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Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Arnow 1/13/2023

Dear Kol Rinah Family, 

I returned last night from the Rabbinic Training Institute, a conference and retreat for Conservative rabbis run by the Jewish Theological Seminary at a retreat center outside of Baltimore.  I've gone many years in the past, and there's a reason (actually, many reasons) I keep going back. 

This year, I was struck by how certain challenges of newer colleagues I don't share, because it feels like I've developed some experience and competency in the day-to-day work of being of rabbi.  

At the same time, it was exciting to study with one colleague who has thought really deeply about what a rabbi's role is in officiating wedding, and I know I will incorporate his insights and approach into what I do.  

I also took a class abortion and Judaism, in which we read narratives of Jewish people who have had abortions, reviewed both classical Jewish sources on abortion as well as our Conservative movement's writings, and looked at a sampling of other religious traditions' approaches to abortion.  It was both grounding, and also generative, less with answers but more with questions.  And then processing those questions with colleagues, especially younger and female colleagues, was really helpful.  

I'm happy to talk more about these topics (as well as Judeo-Arabic bible commentaries) with anyone who is interested.  

We have a busy and exciting weekend here at Kol Rinah. 

Rabbi Shafrin will be leading Torah Talk on Zoom at noon today. 
By the way, here's 
a beautiful d'var Torah by Rabbi Shafrin that was published by T'ruah on last week's Torah portion.  

Candle lighting is at 4:44pm.  

Tonight, services will be at 6pm.  If you're thinking about coming on 
Friday night February 17, when Hazzan Joanna Dulkin will be with us, come a couple of times before then, to get up to speed on the latest and greatest of Kabbalat Shabbat music.  

Saturday morning, we'll be honoring our outgoing board members and welcoming our new board members, with words of Torah, ritual, and a kiddush.  Join us! 

Mincha Shabbat afternoon will be at 4:35pm, and shabbat ends at 5:46pm.  

Sunday morning at 10:30am (starting promptly, so arrive early!!!), we are so excited to have members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra with us to share a program on the theme, "We are Better Together," in honor of MLK Day.  All are welcome, but do arrive early!  

Sunday afternoon at 4pm on Zoom, our Jews in Science series continues.  Ralph Graff and Mark Silvermintz will lead a program on The BSKI Edith Mazur Library & Jewish Penicillin.  
Sign up here.  

As a reminder, in honor of MLK Day, minyan on Monday morning, a federal holiday, will be at 8am (not 7am).  

See you in shul,
Rabbi Noah Arnow

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