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Final Rosh Hashanah Details from Rabbi Arnow 9/15/2023

Dear Kol Rinah Family, 

Yesterday morning, I visited each of the classrooms in our Monica Lynne Neidorff Early Childhood Center.  I showed the kids two different shofars, sounded them, and talked about the sounds--the whole tekiah, the broken shevarim, the shattered t'ruah, and the whole tekiah again.  

As intended, the shofar got their attention.  The youngest kids, who have only a few words, used one of them, the word, "again," a lot--"Again!  Again!  Again!" a couple of them said.  One even cried when I stopped to go to another class.    

But as usual, I learned more from teaching than the students probably learned.  

It's hard, and takes practice, plus some luck, to create a sound from an animal horn.  Or more broadly, it takes a lot of work, effort, planning and serendipity for genuinely intense, emotional spiritual moments to occur and transform us. 

As you are here (or wherever you are!) over the holidays, focus, try, put your head and heart into the prayers and the experience.  And maybe just maybe, something special, serendipitious, holy and magical will happen.  If it does, amazing!  And if it doesn't, and it might not, but if you feel like you put your all in, then I'm pretty sure you'll feel like it was a success, nonetheless.  

We'll have to wait until Sunday to hear the shofar again, as we don't sound the shofar on Shabbat.  So be sure to come on Sunday for the second day too!  

Here are a few reminders for you throughout Rosh Hashanah: 

1. If you are coming in person, please bring your nametag, and wear it.  (We'll have extras, and we have the lanyards!)  

2. Complete service schedules are available 
here.  Checking out different services is ok! 

3. Parking is complicated!  Please check details 
here, and allow extra time to park. 

4. At 10:15am on Saturday (first day of Rosh Hashanah), Rabbi Jessica Shafrin will will be teaching in the chapel area on: "Opening Ourselves to the Vulnerability of Prayer." 

At 10:15am on Sunday (second day of Rosh Hashana), Prof. Fannie Bialek will be teaching on:

“The Akedah and the Bonds of Love”
The Binding of Isaac is often described as a test of Abraham, which he ‘passes’ in his obedience to God’s command. Does he choose obedience, or find himself unable to do otherwise? How would the answer change the story? This discussion will consider whether and how the story suggests Abraham is bound—by love, faith, ethics, or otherwise—and how a “Binding of Abraham” can help us think about times when we find ourselves similarly constrained, not by the limits of our capabilities or external laws but internally, by force of will.

5.  In addition to all the kids and family services, there will be a teen gathering on Saturday (first day of Rosh Hashanah) in the chapel at 11:15am.  

6. If you are volunteering or working at Kol Rinah on the holidays, be kind, be patient, be gentle, be appreciative.  And if you see someone volunteering or working here, or if you see anyone here at all, be kind, be patient, be gentle, be appreciative! 

6. Livestreams of all indoor services will be available 
from our website.  

7. Feel free to wear a mask, and we have some seating reserved for masks-only.  

8.  Please do not wear perfume or cologne, as some people are allergic, and get migraines!  

9. Always feel free to bring an appropriate book to read at shul.  

Friday evening at 6pm, we'll gather in the sanctuary for mincha, a holiday-abbreviated Kabbalat Shabbat, and Rosh Hashanah maariv.  Candle lighting is at 6:52pm.  

Looking ahead to next week, we'll gather at 5:30pm at Oak Knoll Park in Clayton for Tashlich, followed at 6pm for mincha/maariv.  

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom, and a Shana Tova uMetukah--a good and sweet year. 
See you in shul,

Rabbi Noah Arnow

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