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July 2023 Rabbi Arnow's Article

Making Plans!
I’ve spent the last weeks doing more planning than I’ve done in a long time. We’ve been scheduling our musical Kol Chadash services for the whole next year, August 2023 through June 2024. I’ve been working to reorganize Torah Talk, so that it can be sustainable with only one clergy member working at Kol Rinah. We’ve been working and thinking through how to restructure what we do on Friday nights to create more energy and variety. Our Shabbat mincha/maariv/havdalah service is also undergoing change. I’ve also been working to get the right people in place for the High Holidays.
We have two scholars-in-residence already set for 2023-2024, one for the fall, one for the spring (details coming on all of this).
I’ll be away on vacation for a couple of weeks at the end of June/beginning of July. When there was another rabbi on staff who would be around, I didn’t need to do much planning for my absences. But I’ve lined up (great!) people to give sermons and people to announce page numbers on Shabbat mornings while I’m away.
All this planning is good in certain ways—it’s making me, and us, think further in advance, with more thoughtfulness about what exactly we want to do, and what could change. There are opportunities to invite more people to help in all different ways.
As we have less staff, it means volunteers will have to do even a little more. So if I or someone from the shul, whether a staff member or another volunteer, invite you to help with something, we’re asking because we really need the help!
With more on my plate, my schedule will be fuller and somewhat less flexible. If someone needs a call, a visit, time to sit and talk and meet, I’ll find and make time. But I’ll need your help in letting me know who needs a call, a visit, a check-in. And if you ever would like to talk, just let me know and we’ll find time!
As always, when you have feedback and suggestions, let me know.
Have a great summer!
Mon, December 11 2023 28 Kislev 5784