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01/29/2023 08:38:56 PM



I am musically challenged. I cannot carry a tune or play an instrument. I was the kid in the elementary school choir that was asked to mouth the words, not sing. But I love music. Music can move me emotionally unlike anything else. That is one reason why I love that music is built into the core of our congregation, Kol Rinah, Joyous Voice.
To celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday we had a special program with members of the St. Louis Symphony. The program, geared towards the students in religious school, offered something for people of all ages. The quartet of stringed instruments demonstrated how each of their instruments sound by themselves and how much more they can do when they play together. Joined by the symphony's IN UNISON Chorus singer Alayna Epps, they also performed two pieces that had been performed by Marian Anderson at Martin Luther King’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963. The program was led by Maureen Byrne, lower case  all these Vice President of Education and Community Programs for the symphony.  We look forward to working with Maureen and the SLSO on more programs and bringing more of the symphony’s music into our shul.
Yesterday was our Kol Chadash service, New Voice, led by Rabbis’ Arnow and Shafrin, Karen Kern and Will Soll. Our sanctuary was filled with prayers sung in a way that drew me in like no other service. Their voices, accompanied by guitar, percussion and mandolin, raised the joy and depth of the Shabbat service. I cannot speak for others, but for me, the Kol Chadash service is a reflection of what we, Kol Rinah, are about. It takes prayer, music and community to a new level and embodies our name. I encourage everyone to come to our next Kol Chadash service on March 25th and share this special Shabbat with me.
Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784