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we are collecting plastic grocery bags

Starting the week of December 18th, we are collecting plastic grocery bags to repurpose into sleeping mats for individuals experiencing homelessness. Drop your clean, dry grocery-style plastic bags of any color in the collection bin in the Asher-Geller hall (Main Entry Lobby). Once we have a collection going, we will come together and learn how to crochet the bags and create sleeping mats. The crocheted mats, created from repurposed plastic bags, provide a reliable, durable, and lightweight sleeping surface for those experiencing homelessness. Each mat takes about 500 plastic bags, cut into strips and crocheted into tight, consecutive loops.  A 36-inch wide by 72-inch-long mat that is rolled up and equipped with an easy to carry handle. Using a large P or Q-sized hook, each mat takes about 35-40 hours of work. These mats are easy to carry and can be used over and over. Not only do these mats provide comfort and insulation from the cold ground, but they are also water-resistant and can be used to help individuals stay sanitary. We will be helping both our congregation and the greater St Louis community.
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Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784