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September 2022 President's Message

Kol Rinah is Built on Volunteerism and Engagement
Kol Rinah’s culture is influenced by many different factors, including people, leadership, and transparent communications. It is the key ingredient to our survival and future success.
Every synagogue strives for a positive, inclusive, and welcoming culture where people enjoy participating on so many different levels.
We nurture and grow off the energy we bring and provide to each other. This energy translates into successful engagement, achievement of our goals, member participation and loyalty.
Volunteerism is more about what we can achieve for the good of Kol Rinah, as opposed to an inward focus on our own particular agendas. In fact, the achievement of our collective goals, does accomplish a greater level of satisfaction for all of us.
Where would Kol Rinah be without our generous volunteers?
Would we have a minyan to honor our past loved ones? Would we have amazing programs, events, and learning opportunities? Would we have a place to enjoy and express our spirality and Judaism?
Yes, it took money, designers, and materials to build Kol Rinah up to where we are today. But none of that was possible without our volunteers and their cooperative efforts.
Our direct participation has a profound impact on who we are and what we do as a congregation. It is the energy that fuels what we do and hope to accomplish. Volunteerism builds teamwork, creativity, and a sense of purpose.
With that said I am deeply concerned that we are not seeing enough in terms of volunteers and cultivation of future leaders. We need your help. Everyone can find some way of contributing their time and/or resources. We need teachers. We need financial advisors. We need board leaders. We need greeters. We have a number of committees you can help, simple tasks you can do, Kol Rinah Circles you can join. We need to find our next president.
Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784