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March 2023 President's Message

I was reading the very first Holy Beggar's Gazette that was printed on Purim 5732 (1972). It transcribes tapes made of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach teaching about Purim. One of his stories is about a poor man, Pinchas, who would only mumble a "good Purim" greeting because he was so downtrodden. The Kozhnitzer Maggid insisted that he say "Good Purim" forcefully and practiced with him until he had it down right. From that moment on, Pinchas was able to greet everyone he met with a forceful "Good Purim" and his whole life was changed for the better. According to Shlomo, "Purim mamash gave him strength."
So, I wish you all a very strong "GOOD PURIM" and wish you all happiness at this special time of the year. I hope to see you at the Megillah reading on Monday night, March 6.
Purim aside, there are many other, wonderful things going on at Kol Rinah. We are excited to be hosting our first Second Seder in many years. We are also paying tribute to Michael Staenberg on April 16 to thank him for the many ways in which he has helped us in building our new home. Please join us if you can.
Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784