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March 2019 President's Message

I have been thinking a lot about change since January 1. It has been a whirlwind of poignant losses and exciting transitions—with more to come in the months ahead…

Starting with the poignant, we recently lost several dear, valued members of our community. We continue to grieve and adjust to their absence. I find comfort in knowing that their memories will be for a blessing to us all.

After nearly 40 years in Arizona, my amazing mom, Edie Mozenter, decided to move to St. Louis to join our wonderful community. In less than a week, we packed up her home and sold it, and instantly settled her in St. Louis, a place where she never lived. My mother continues to marvel at the warmth, inclusion, vibrancy and support of her new home. I can’t wait to get her working on a Kol Rinah committee.

As if that wasn’t enough change in less than six weeks, after 21 years at the same office location, I was given 30 days notice to vacate. As of today, I am relocated in my new office and it is wonderful. The transition was stressful, worrisome and filled with trepidation but now that I am physically there I can see all the benefits of the relocation. I am sure it will still take time for it to feel like “my place.” One of the advantages of my new space is that it is within walking distance of our new Maryland Avenue site.

Nice segue, right? Which gets me to my central point. This is the year when after much (literal) blood, sweat and tears, we will relocate Kol Rinah to our new facility. Thanks to our own Stacey Hudson, every week our website posts new photographs that show significant progress as our new sanctuary literally rises from the ground.

Of course, our work on that transition is not finished. We will need additional funds to build out needed phases of our new home, including essential services and our renowned Early Childhood Center. Thank you again to all who have already given to our capital campaign. Please consider an additional donation, or a first time contribution for those who have not yet participated.

And last but certainly not least, please welcome our new Officers and Board of Directors. They have hit the ground running and are already serving our community in new and exciting ways. For further information please see our website at


Randi Mozenter


Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780