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September 2022 Member Engagement

A Loose Connection?
Due to some summer thunderstorms, the internet service was down in the area where I live. Even though it was restored after a day and a half, the internet connection was often bad for many days following. It was often slow or cutting in and out. It was still a loose connection. After re-booting my modem and router, as well as doing a reset through the internet service company, the connection finally improved. The internet service provider did their part, but then I had to do mine.
Here at Kol Rinah, we are hard at work to provide many ways for you to have a good, strong connection. We do not want there to be a loose connection! We are here for you, working to provide numerous ways to be involved and to know that you are part of a caring and supportive community. But, a little bit is needed on your part too… come attend a service, join a Kol Rinah Circle, attend one of our in-person events or a Zoom event, volunteer to be a greeter, bring a donation for the food bank or participate in one of our blood drives, attend High Holiday services and High Holiday events. We have so many wonderful opportunities to get connected. Your participation and input is what makes our Kol Rinah connection run at its optimum!
Wishing everyone a very good and sweet 5783.
Hoping to see you at a service, meeting or event soon,
Karen Kern
Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784