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January 2020 Membership News

Mazel Tov Joey Granillo was one of ten national finalists at the 2019 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Finalists are chosen out of 1000s of entrants in Grades 5-8 for creativity, scientific knowledge, persuasiveness, and overall presentation. Joey devised a solution involving artificial marshlands in oceans' dead zones to sequester yearly CO2 emissions while also remedying the dead zones. Read more...

November 2019 membership News

The synagogue was comfortably full for the Yom Tovim. Next year we should have a ‘good problem’!

Our committee greeted many new and old faces – as you entered and as you left for the day. It is a fun job that really helps us get to know the many members of our growing congregation. Anyone can do it. You might consider it for next year. Please!

Recently we have welcomed several new members. Morris and Debbie Finkelstein,...Read more...

September 2019 Membership News

Many activities are buzzing as we approach the New Year 5780 in our new address in Clayton and our committee is a part of this. Our goal is to bring our membership together in as many ways as possible.

Come find your place on the “Communi-TREE” of Kol Rinah!

There are many branches of this ‘tree’ where you can climb on and make Kol Rinah a special place for you, your family and for all of us. To name just a few of the...Read more...

July 2019 Membership News

The membership committee meets all year to create programs for our Kol Rinah family. We are part of the High Holiday planning to greet long time members and welcome new faces. We sponsor the New Member Shabbat for those who have joined within the year. We add to the fun and frolic of Purim with our “after parties”. We celebrate holidays with a variety of educational and entertaining evenings aimed for our “Boomer age” congregants...Read more...

March 2019 Membership News

Membership committee started the year off with an "earth warming" Tu Bishvat Shabbat dinner for our Boomer members. We hope to build on this small group program concept next year as well. We would like to encourage more Kol Rinah members to celebrate this creative and educational tradition in their homes with other members who may live near by. It lends itself to many variations - it can...Read more...

Boomer Tu BiShevat Dinner

BOOMER Tu Bishvat dinner
Friday, January 18, 2019 at 6:00 pm

6:00 Kabbalat shabbat and service
7:30 Tu Bishvat Seder/special dinner

for adults of boomer age
Cost: $25.00 – includes dinner and seder treats
RSVP by Tuesday, January 15
to or 314.727.1747

Sat, August 15 2020 25 Av 5780