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November 2019 Membership News

The synagogue was comfortably full for the Yom Tovim. Next year we should have a ‘good problem’!

Our committee greeted many new and old faces – as you entered and as you left for the day. It is a fun job that really helps us get to know the many members of our growing congregation. Anyone can do it. You might consider it for next year. Please!

Recently we have welcomed several new members. Morris and Debbie Finkelstein, Loren Bach and Naomi Hoffman with Eliana, Maya and Laila Bach, Bryan and Kelly Sapot with Sloane and Sidney, John and Amy LeDeaux and 3 adult children, Harold and Diana Sanger and Patrick Hutt. We plan to welcome all new members from this past calendar year to a New Member Shabbat in November. 

We also sent out special larger print New Year greetings to our treasured members who are not as able to attend services as easily as they have in the past. We wanted them to still feel connected to KR.

Have you been using our new cloud format? Are you getting use to finding information on our website? Have you made any reservations or even donations on the website? We hope it is working for you. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please let us know.

We all anxiously await the move to our new address. We will keep you posted of upcoming events. In the meantime, keep in mind all the different ways you can connect with KR through our various ‘limbs’ of our Communi-TREE! There are so many ways make connections, whether it be through Israel interests, discussions and lectures, holiday helping, mitvzah making, Purim packages, or softball sluggers just to name a few.

Our committee’s focus is YOU, the members. We work to connect you with each other by planning fun and stimulating programs, reaching out to you on special occasions, and celebrating holidays throughout the year. We welcome new members to our meetings and/or we welcome your ideas and suggestions. We hope you can find your place in our ever growing community.

Thank you

Joyce Olshan

Sun, August 1 2021 23 Av 5781