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March 2020 Sisterhood Message

With the promise of Spring we look forward to a feeling of rejuvenation and anticipation that seems so desperately needed in these difficult times of division and conflict. Happily, it feels like we’re entering a new phase, preparing for the merriment and silliness of Purim and the sorrow and gladness of Pesach along with the awaited changes in the weather. 

In January, Sisterhood was honored to provide the kiddush for the Bar Mitzvah of Ryan Snyder, and in February enjoyed offering a beautiful Tu Bishvat table at the Shabbat kiddush. Our annual Trivia Nite switched to a new location at the JCC this year, and as usual, we always think that we will be “this close” to being the winning table. Even if we don’t win, everyone always enjoys the food and being together!

On March 21, the Sisterhood invites everyone to our annual Sisterhood Shabbat. This year it is coupled with the Torah Fund event honoring Barbara Bianco and the Chesed Committee who provide all manner of support to the congregation. The Chesed Committee members stay at homes to get them ready during funerals and provide shiva trays for the families. Members make hospital visits as well as visit sick individuals at home if requested. They drive members to errands, shul and doctor appointments. They give baby gifts for newborns who are the children of members. They are truly the kindness representing Kol Rinah to its members and to the community. Please come show your appreciation for all their work and at the same time support the Torah Fund which provides for the education and training of Rabbis and Cantors in our Conservative movement. 

We’re looking forward to an event later this spring for all paid-up Sisterhood members. Please come get involved with us, share your ideas for things you would like to see and watch for news of events. 

Happy Spring. 

Joyce & Susan

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782