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May 2020 Sisterhood Message

Dear Kol Rinah members,

Just a note from your Sisterhood in this very unknown time, writing just before Pesach, a Pesach like no other we have experienced. Instead of looking forward to being with family and friends, we are isolating and hoping to escape the brunt of the fury of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

When The Voice is published, via email, as our life has become dependent on the technology we have developed, we hope that our lives can soon become more normal. Instead of being afraid to go to the grocery, we will look forward to browsing, to greeting someone we know there. While we have prayed via ZOOM, we desire to be inspired, to hug, shake hands, share a L’Chayim, wish IN PERSON Shabbat Shalom/Good Shabbes/Good Yontov. We have missed so much, but closing the Shul was the wisest choice at this time. 

Sisterhood is a part of the Shul. Regretfully our spring Membership program has been cancelled. However, we have fulfilled one of our roles in the Shul by donating significant amounts to the Shul by way of Mishloach Manot, funds to USY to allow them to go to conventions and conferences, and to our Shul’s Capital Campaign. Our March 21st Sisterhood Shabbat/Torah Fund event was sadly cancelled. But thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our members to honor Torah Fund and especially honor Barbara Bianco and the entire Chesed Committee, we have raised over $4300 to contribute to the worldwide Conservative seminaries. Thank you to all of you who have made this possible.

Wishing you health and safety, and a return to our previous precious lives at the right time,

Susan Brown & Joyce Gang
Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyyar 5782