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2021 January Sisterhood Message

“Happy (secular) New Year! Such a different type of observance than our New Year of several months past."
This was written last year, comparing our High Holiday observance of getting together and celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur together, and then celebrating the secular new year. That was not the case this year as we had our wonderful services livestreamed from our beautiful new Sanctuary, but with no contact with others. Last year we looked forward to being in the new Sanctuary because it had not yet been completed. This year we are thankful for the ability to livestream our services and maintain minyanim on Zoom. It still keeps us together, in a safe way, as the pandemic continues its hold on our world. And our celebrations of Chanukah and the secular New Year are even more quiet. No large family gatherings, no going out to eat in a restaurant, to keep us safe.
Last year we thanked those who had Sisterhood kiddushes in our Hanley building. This year we thank Steve Keyser for his support of Sisterhood through the Faye Keyser Seudah Fund. No real kiddush, but his support for Sisterhood continues. He would have sponsored the Veteran’s Day Shabbat kiddush, but due to the pandemic, of course it was not held. The beautiful service, the important part, was held, with Steve and Monroe Ginsburg reminding us of all the veterans have provided for us.
Another way to support Sisterhood is by sending tributes. The money that you give for birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, or any other occasion is a beautiful way to donate, to enable Sisterhood to purchase supplies for our KoREH religious school, fund special items for the ECC, and help USY. Please contact Enid Perll by phone (314.395.6566) or email ( to send your tribute.
An exciting upcoming program will be a January presentation by our member Lauren Cohen. This workshop will inspire participants to reduce stress and build resilience during the interesting time we find ourselves in. COVID or no COVID, life is filled with adversity. Come learn how by making small changes in your behavior, you can help to achieve larger changes in your life.
All our best for a happy and healthy 2021, a continuation of 5781,
Joyce Gang
Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyyar 5782